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  1. I have been working so hard today and someone has time to post something like that. Really gurl?
  2. This perfomance is ICONIC because it proved Britneys legendary status. Artists that go through this type of critic and lazy perfomance dont survive in time.
  3. This is something ELSE! Perfoming with ur idol and by the way looking you hottest (i think this is the most beautiful she has ever look in a perfomance) !!!
  4. Man, the 00 Vmas were the ****TTTT!! When you will wait for performers just because you knew they will put something ICONIC!! I was 12! And i still remember waiting for this perfomance (waiting for lucky because it was the single at the time) but HELLOOOO!! that was a GAME CHANGER for Britneys careeer!!! And till today its my favorite #1 Perfomance!! Every second of it is ICONIC!!! Till this day!!
  5. This is fresh air to my eyes!!! I need to see the full toxic and touch of my hand or breathe on me rehersal!
  6. Ok so i was browsing some covers and found this t shirt, does anybody knows where is it online? Thanks!
  7. Thank you. I see that that vinyl is actually coming on Nov, so i think i might wait.
  8. I have two questions, since it would be first time buying vinyl: 1) Is it worthy? Quality wise, specially sound? 2) UO is the only one releasing it? I think 40 dlls is a bit high. Pls let me know thanks!
  9. Cardi B re-posted a meme going around of Britney dancing in one of the secret rooms featured in the new "WAP" music video. It's actually hilarious. Story link: https://www.instagram.com/stories/direct/2372839866540171567_1436859892
  10. Oh Lord!! I dance to Britney everyday!!! I learned the entire BOMT coreography (Theres a youtube channel that has BOMT full coreography , type just that). I dance to it in a 90s party :):):) Oops Oops VMAS 00 (This is amazing to be honest) Slave (hello) Overprotected Main versión!!!!! (wish i could fully learn the Dark Child) Toxic MATM (a little bit, but this the hardest one from Britney) Womanizer (the first part is the only thing that has coreo) If you seek amy , the chorus Circus (the Breakdown is kinda hard, just a few) Im learning the first part of TTWE Work ***** (The original by the coreographers so hard, just a few steps) hell yeah, i love BRIT
  11. Does anyone remembers that interviewer that confront her on why she was looking so much to her team? And he was taken out. I think it was during the Femme Fatale. Im trying to look for it but cant find it.
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