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  1. I think this is a ploy to help Trump win by siphoning votes away from Joe Biden. It doesn’t feel like an authentic campaign to me 🤷‍♂️
  2. Noooo. If they buy her they will just shelve her like Rihanna and promote Tina Jr more
  3. I can’t listen to MJ after the HBO doc. He is probably a child predator and he directly used his music career to that end (putting kids in videos etc) but if others can separate the man from the art then go ahead, I can’t though
  4. As a musician I have to disagree. For example trying to replicate Taylor’s new live acoustic version of Cornelia Street is SUPER hard because of the crazy, intense and intentional strumming patterns she uses. Not to mention she wrote all the words and chose the chords. On Lover, some incredible lyrics stand out to me from False God and Cruel Summer. I also stan Carly
  5. I feel like I grew up with your site! Over the years you’ve matured into a really great and thoughtful person. Hope I have as well... one of the few benefits of getting older lmao!
  6. Do What U Want feat. R Kelly and now that he’s getting justice served to his *** I can listen guilt free I think
  7. That’s why T Swift sells a bazillion records. Music is ALL she tries to sell us
  8. Song is great but her expression is emotionless in the vid
  9. Femme Fatale era was such a crazy time in my life I was finishing college and had two boyfriends and read Jordan’s site every single day
  10. I can’t with Kim, it’s such a bad look for her! I have to admit I believed her back in the day but after watching the full call...
  11. I think we ALL laughed at the shaved head incident (at least once)
  12. The video is soooo cringe Thank the lord Britney didn’t participate, even though I love the rare occasions we hear her sing live
  13. I’m so tired of these singers using his amazing talents to rocket to stardom, only to turn around and sh** on him. He’s absurdly talented, one of the best pop producers of all time. I absolutely love his music. And you can see recently by Kesha getting her *** handed to her in court that he’s not the devil she makes him out to be
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