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  1. It’s really hard to rely on Gaga these days. She’s not as consistent as she use to be, and her music is very hit or miss. It also worries me that she’s talking about all this mystical stuff and being really cringe again. We’re all still traumatized after ARTPOP and Joanne, so I just want a truly great Gaga album and era! I want to be able to play the entire record without skipping a song!
  2. Yes. We're totally on the same level, 100%. It's extremely disturbing. You made an excellent point - she acts like someone who is trying to pretend to be Britney Spears but is a really bad actress. It's really strange. It's like she's always playing a really weird character... She does not seem like a 37 year old woman at all.
  3. You spilled all the boiling hot tea and sent all the delusional fans in an ambulance to their local burn units.
  4. I challenge any of you to go back and watch the music videos for Womanizer and Circus, or watch For the Record. Look at how present she was - she had that old fire and energy back. She was herself. Now go look at any of her recent videos on Instagram.... is that even remotely the same person???
  5. Haha, right? I'm not here for the conservatorship. I think it needs to be dissolved, but I definitely think something is seriously wrong with her. She certainly doesn't need to be forced to perform in this condition.
  6. You could definitely be on to something there. That could be the basis for Britney's weird behavior.
  7. There was a brief glimpse of the "old" Britney during the beginning of the Circus era. She was herself again. Something drastic happened in 2009/2010 and she was never the same after that. But you're right, the Britney we knew died in 2007 and never came back. We've all spent the past decade waiting for some miracle to happen and hoping for her to just be herself again... but it never happened, and I don't think it ever will at this point.
  8. The fact that she's not around her kids very much lately is very alarming. Usually her kids ALWAYS go with her on vacation. She's been on several vacations lately and the boys are nowhere to be seen.
  9. That's my point. This woman has been caged like an animal for YEARS now. This is abuse and it needs to stop. If she wants to retire and live a quiet life away from the spotlight, then she should do that 100%.
  10. Nope. You missed the whole point. I'm saying that something very serious has happened to her, and it appears as though the people around her are forcing her to post content to social media in order to save their own *****.
  11. YES!! My point exactly. My whole point was that all of the atrocities on Britney's Instagram might not be her doing. She could be forced to post this random **** in order to paint a picture that she's normal. It's backfiring, though, because it only makes her look way more unstable and erratic.
  12. YEEEESSSSSS!!! You get it!! Britney was wounded in For the Record but she was articulate, present, alert, aware, and most of all - she was HERSELF. She appeared to be a normal human being, albeit a very jaded one. Now, she acts like a robot. No matter how hard I try, I just can't look at her today and think that she's totally okay. She's not. Something DRASTICALLY CHANGED. It's like she's a very watered-down version of who she use to be.
  13. I never once said Britney needed to be in a conservatorship. In fact, I have always been against the conservatorship! I think it's been an unnecessary restriction in her life that has only made her life more difficult and prevented her from growing as a person, or even experiencing life on her own terms. What EVERYONE seems to be missing about my post is that I was implying that there could be a much more sinister situation going on around Britney - maybe those around her are forcing her to upload these strange Instagram posts, maybe Sam has something shady going on, or maybe it's something else. I think we can all agree that something is definitely weird.
  14. We didn't hate 2016ney, we hated her team and the horrible decisions they were making.
  15. In 2018, towards the end of the Piece of Me Tour, Britney's Instagram posts and the few public appearances she made started to get a little... bizarre. She started looking more and more disheveled (Don't even get me started on the racoon eyes), and her posts made little sense. Then there was the major CRINGE-factor of the Domination announcement event where Britney seemed more like a circus animal who was forced out of her cage and made to appear in front of a crowd of people. It was hard to watch. Britney was clearly not mentally or emotionally into it at all. Then.... 2019 happened. We all already know what happened at the beginning of 2019, so I won't get into that again, but ever since Britney was released from the mental facility and she began posting on Instagram again, something has been very very OFF. Her posts are erratic and very concerning. 1.) It seems that Britney has had very little, if any, contact with her kids. They use to appear on most of her Instagram posts, and now they're nowhere to be seen. 2.) She is CONSTANTLY with Sam, and clinging onto him, and he is CONSTANTLY commenting on each and every post. He is becoming an ominous presence in all her posts, almost like he's in control of her. I use to like Sam for her, but something is really off now. 3.) Britney seems very immature and infantile at this point. She seems less like a 37 year old mother of 2, and more like a 14 year old who just figured out how to use Instagram. It's certainly a regression for her from just a few years ago. 4.) Maybe the rumors of Britney just now being allowed access to a smart phone are true. Instead of just flipping to the rear camera in her Insta stories, she literally turns the entire phone around. 5.) Britney seems really obsessed with her body and weight and how the public sees her - the now iconic, "skinny as a needle" video. It's like she's trying to convince everyone that she's working out and is trying to assure everyone that she will be "skinny" again. I personally didn't see anything wrong with any of the photos in question, but apparently she thought she looked "fat" in them. This is strange for Britney as she's never commented on fat-shaming paparazzi photos of her before (in recent memory). 6.) Many times someone else is filming her talking in her Insta videos, and some of them seem forced. Like someone is trying to convince us that Britney is "okay". In reality, these videos only make her seem more unstable. Look at the comments on her most recent videos... people aren't blind. 7.) Britney seems really scatter-brained, erratic, and forced in her videos ("I rise in the A.M. of the morning".... What?). Britney is just not herself. Something really weird is going on with her. Thousands of people are noticing this and voicing their concerns in the comments of her videos and posts. Is she being forced to post to her Instagram in order to give off the perception that she's "okay"? Could something more sinister be going on with her? What do you think?
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