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  1. But the numbers are important too... not as important as stopping the spread of the virus because that is what will keep the number low. Italy has over 1 thousand people dead, they waited too long! America must put things on hold, even if being this cautious hurts the economy.
  2. Good! Everybody should take this seriously, even if the mortality rate is low, allowing the virus to spread could potentially mean millions of people dying anyway, so I'm glad she is postponing.... Pearl Jam postponed too! Why didn't you featured that story? Nah, I know why And speaking of which, how about getting more guys for emojis, I need a bigger range than this
  3. I hate JT. Ok, maybe not hate him (hate is a strong word but I really really really don't like him) But I hate that Cultural Appropriation bs more And yes, he was KINDA talking over her but the guy has always been a douche the "sis" thing is ridiculous
  4. They are both bad in their own way but I save CWY because at least the lyrics were an actual reflection of Britney in her "most personal album", after all she had done she was thinking about retirement But then POM revived her!!!
  5. I hope this is true. I'll miss her with all of my heart and will always pray for one more album but if this is the way she thinks will get her to freedom, awesome! (Cause why would she work if her father and her team are going to be all up in her face everyday and in every decision she wants to make?) I hope she has another baby! (Cause all that she wants is another baby ye ee eh)
  6. Oh, please, every artist get criticised, it's part of being a public figure, especially if they can influence people. Sexist? You are the one making it about gender. I said "'they' all eventually do it", every artist tries this, Billie, Britney, Bieber, the guys from one direction, demi, selena, miley, jonas (and maybe it's not even their fault cause their teams are probably gross people). And since everybody does it, it's overrated!
  7. How is she doing in her career? I heard her say she now can afford to protect herself and that's awesome but I just wonder... is she's making serious money? albums, singles, concerts (I think other than social media praises or controversies i've never heard of her, or her actual music (not a huge pop fan here ) and is she already giving a lot to charity, and I don't mean to be a **** about it, but "billionares"'s money alone won't pay free medicare for all and all of the other freebies Sander proposes, pretty soon she'll have to give that money up anyway and if her sells and income are not that awesome for the long term, then I understand her endorsement.
  8. I wish artist were brave again, I mean, work hard on your album and when your gut tells you the album is ready go for it! This "non album singles" or "2-3-4 or even 5 singles before the album" somehow makes it less exciting to me and kinda shows that they are not quite sure about what they are doing or the direction of the project. At least I have Gigaton to be excited about. Just 2 more weeks!
  9. It was going to happen, it will happen again and again... she kinda remainds me of Demi in her early years... they all eventually do it. "Stripping" is overrated, it's no longer art.
  10. I think I've never heard a song by him... I'm sure he sings about love and *** like pretty much everyone but does he also sing about drugs or being high?
  11. Like someone said, I come hear to scape from that. IMO the only two candidates with realistic proposals are Tulsi and Yang, who dropped out a while ago. Bernie has the burocratic view of socialism not the realistic one. In Latin America socialism has been tried, tasted, toss around, actually implemente, in some nations more than other and in all of them things got worse. Biden is not all there, I don't wanna be mean, but when he speaks is obvious he loses his train of thought. Neither one is good enough or strong enough to be the nominee.
  12. Ok, can I daydream? Wouldn't it be awesome if Britney was really yearning for her freedom so much that it actually sparks her creativity again and gave us something "raw and real" once she is free? She clearly is more of a natural woman, flaws and imperfections, and is not afraid of showing it, but her team has this manufactured idea of what fans want and she has been playing along cause many times she has said how little she was involved, to her dislike, in the creative process of FF and BJ, maybe after she is finally free she could give us an album on her terms! Or maybe just retire.
  13. A*Teens? cool, now I'm missing my mtv watching days again! And no, the sugar rush and candy kiss were references to Lace and Leather
  14. MTE I mean, I'm not the biggest pop fan but I do enjoy some cotton candy kissed music and knowing what is behind it just makes sour the experience... and I need my Britney (or sometimes Carly, or others) sugar rush!
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