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  1. You can tell she's a sick evil woman just by comparing the content of the two mails. In one she plays the role of the caring and motherly figure, the second she's all about the business.
  2. Thank you for the reply, here's the link to the video where they show the emails, at the 7:30 mark The part 3 should be uploaded in the next hours I guess. It's the Britney in the "piece of me music video" mail that I want back. You can see she's fearless and ready to fight who ever ****s with her. but they ganged up against her. What a tragic turn Britney's life took. I never cry for celebrity's problems how bad they may be, but I cry everytime I see a picture/video of britney. It may seem desperate or a little out there but I would literaly give up my own life just for her to live her own the way SHE pleases. IF THERE'S ANYBODY IN THE SHOWBIZ THAT DESERVE TO BE HAPPY, IT'S BRITNEY JEAN SPEARS.
  3. I just saw yesterday a video on Youtube that has 3 parts talking about the details of the C-ship (It mentions Jordan). In the video I was shocked when they showed an email from britney mentionning she's afraid of a stalker (Lou Taylor) following her and insisting on seeing her during the time Sam Lutfi was her "manager". Is the email legit ??? if yes, this s*** is waaaaay darker than we've ever imagined. I still have very high hopes for Britney when both her sons are over 18yo, It will be the time britney will start winning because she'll have nothing to lose at that point anymore.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THgCF9WRd04 Just by watching this video so many times, it's clear there was something bad happening ! Poor Britney, just want to hug her so bad :(
  5. You're right !!! I totally forgot about this guy !! I think it's plausible, there's no smoke without fire ! Either way, I don't think it's enough, there must be drugs involved too
  6. As always, give me all the thumbs down you want !! But I will never cease to give right to EVERY person ( even Jamie ) that criticizes her insta feed. They are right, everybody raise an eyebrow when watching. I even get anxiety when she posts a dance video. She's not helping her case in any way with these "dances" and "captions". Girl get it together, people are trying to help YOU !!!!! And you, Fans, for the love of God start looking at the case with a LOGIC mind, put your fangirling aside. BRITNEY IS NOT DOING FINE !!!!!!!!!!!! BUT, I admit that there's definitly something fishy with the C-ship !
  7. No it's a different thing. The spoken album is called "Violet bent backwards over the grass" the first poem was released yesterday on spotify "L.A who am I to love you". While this (music) album will be released in September.
  8. I recall a simpler time when Breatheheavy was an only Britney fan website, I would visit it many times a day, it gave me joy and a break from all the real world mess. Now look at the threads people discuss here. USELESS debates that will bring no joy or satisfaction to any of us. A person will ALWAYS defend his race, sometimes blindly to the extreme. Wake up people, all this doesn't matter, just LOVE and take care of yourself and the people around you, that's where the change starts. and know that IT WILL ALWAYS BE A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE when it comes to any subject. Please stop fighting, if Nick said what he said, let him say what he wants. it's HIS opinion, it representes HIM. Read it, don't judge it, brush it off and go on with your day. Actually, life is simple. But we humans are afraid of simple things, we always think "there must be a trap somewhere", "they want to get me", etc etc
  9. I only post when I feel the need to say something (Stats) I'm way passed that age for craving online attention boo, I'll leave that to you. And Ok, I'll enjoy her suffer A.K.A dancing, going to the beach, talking walks and enjoying books, painting and the little things in life. If you call that suffing, can I have some ? Now that my 5min of attention is over, don't answer me. have a good day.
  10. You can give all the thumbs down you want honey, doesn't change the FACTS ! Enjoy your role as an unwanted hero.
  11. I've said it before and got only thumbs down, but you are delusional guys. There's a million ways IF she wanted to speak. SHE LIKES HER LIFE THAT WAY. STOP PICTURING HER AS A MISERABLE PRISONNER.
  12. Maybe you're right, I don't know, it's all so confusing. if you guys are right, that means there's a strong and dark power that controls her, it HAS to be that way because for a mother to stay quiet and watch her daughter go through this, this only means that she's in a bad bad place. I try to send Britney positive energy everyday, by dancing and thinking about her. Hopefully it will get to her. God bless her.
  13. Have anyone of you guys thought of the possible idea that she likes her life the way it is ?? Don't come for me when all I want to say is that, she's CLEARLY not mentally well. So maybe she just want to be her and live a day at a time. like you guys will know what's better for her than her mother/sister/brother/father ?? If these people are OK with her being under the C-ship that means they know it's necessary for her. she doesn't need the C-ship to be lifted, she just wants good people with good intentions around her. Hard pill to swallow, but it's a valid perspective.
  14. Thank sooo much for taking time to do this for us all. You're truly a thoughtful and wonderful person. Still struggling to let that Capricorn shine, but it will happen soon, I feel it. Thank you again
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