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  1. It's not funny. It's plain Rude. Especially the response to Hard Candy being a masterpiece. She has no excuse to insult him let alone his mom. Childish seeking of attention.
  2. It's getting worse with each video. I see two scenarios : 1. She's Ok with these videos being uploaded : BAD 2. She's not aware, But there's Sam who sees these videos. Doesn't he know this makes her look bad ? Why doesn't he stop her from doing so ? Or telling her that bad videos of her are being posted ?? : She's surrounded by Bad people. As I said, both scenarios are Sad and alarming. and from what I see in these posts, she has a bad mental condition Sometimes I watch Xtina's IG and see how her life is "Normal" and it makes me sad to look at Britney's IG !! I wonder what her life would have looked like if she stayed with Justin or just had a normal family life with a good man and had children. What a shame, we're losing a wonderful Artist/human before our eyes and all we can do is watch and comment #Freebritney We're sorry Babe, sending you lots of positive energy.
  3. Oh no, I do know them off course, and I LOVE some of their songs, my favorite one is Word up actually ( has nothing to do with Mel C on it ^^). And the Only season I watched of the UK XFactor was the one where they won hahaha when they were called Rythmix ^^ Actually my question was guenuine ! I really wanted to know how big they are in the UK. I'm Moroccan, and I remember in the 96-98 the Spice Girls were HUUUGE in Morocco ! And there was NO social Media to make em famous in a so much culturally different country. Moroccan little girls were fighting to who is going to be who. I remember where I was and what I was doing when I read the breaking news "Geri left the Spice Girls". Personally, I think LM have done so much and I considered them the best girl group in these days. BUT the Spice Girls are just beyond anything. Not to mention that they became Iconic is a 2 years career span. THAT is impressive. Thank you for your response
  4. As someone who lives in the UK, Can you say that they're bigger than the Spice Girls ?
  5. Very interesting analysis !! Very well done, thank you ! Funny thing, this is the first time I notice that it's NOT britney in the beginning of the video (it's some random girl) I first noticed it from the walk and the ***, then by the side of the face of the double AND it's not the same outfit that britney wears (This one is more G-string than the one the real Britney wears) It's an irrelevant remark but wanted to share.
  6. It basically means that Sam Smith has both a male and a female personas in his mind, and that he (for me he's a He ^^) goes from being a man to a woman as he wishes. For me it's just stupid. You have a peepee you're a He, you have a Kooka you're a She. End of story. And sick of all the sensibilities with Generation Z.
  7. Here we go again with the They/Their pronouns. I'm sorry and I mean it but whenever I read it, something in me gets annoyed AF ! Maybe it's just that we're not used to it (yet). Anyway, Happy for him.
  8. In wasn't complete at the time They just completed it with the help of an unknown singer since Britney refuses to work. Team B gotta eat lol
  9. Yea, maybe. But you know how hard it is to find someone that has almost the same as you ? but who knows .. Lately I discovered that Work ***** is entirely sung by Myah and I felt so sad. Ruining a legacy of o Truly beautiful Soul/Artist/Performer/Singer with this sick strategy. Shame on ANYBODY who brought that.
  10. Let's not fool ourselves, just enjoy "The Song" but don't state that it's all Britney. People that trained their ears listening to her since 1998, will immediately spot Myah's parts. And shame on her team for making her look so BAD, when they try to fool us AND the GP by letting people think this is actually Britney. People KNOW. No wonder Meghan Trainor shaded Britney lately, Sadly, she's right.
  11. Totally understandable that she didn't mention it personnally ! It's Myah Marie Ft. Britney Spears. Not here for that !
  12. It cracks me that these kind of comments are allowed and ***iest is not allowed to be written proprely ! Oh America !
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