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  1. Eeeehm... Me? No really, at this point I just want anything that's Britney branded I'm that desperate for new music.... I gotta catch 'em all 😂 I only have 12 of them ..
  2. OP said it's more floral than original Prerogative.. but I don't know as I don't have it.. It would seem kinda dumb to me that they wouldn't continue this as a unisex line Anyway, he bought it on a site called Mercari.. I checked, and all the bottles available ale sold out..
  3. Hey guys, look what I found on Facebook, possibly a new edition of Prerogative! According to the user, they smell completely different. She already had 50ml and liked it, so she ordered 100ml and got this. Does Exhale know anything about this? Any pool party insiders?
  4. omg I love you! I don't even know why I bothered you as I'm gonna buy them anyway At least I know what to expect.. I must agree on the Naughty Remix and it also applies to Hidden Fantasy - I HATE powdery scents Now it's time for me to be hopefully a bit helpful - I see you don't own either Private Show nor VIP Private Show, and I have to say -GET THEM girl.. Private Show is like cotton candy but like in a good way and it doesn't last very long, I'd say 3-4 hours and VIP Private Show just blew my mind AND all my senses and it lasts like crazy - I spray myself 7AM and I still smell it clearly by 6PM
  5. Thank you for suggestion! I've always been sceptital about Circus Fantasy as it seemed really tacky to me, but if you say it's near the same level as Prerogative ... What other perfumes do you have? I'm curious about Radiance (I don't know why, but Radiance is the most expensive here in my country), Intimate, Maui, Island and Fantasy In Bloom
  6. I've started to collect her perfumes recently, and I must say that Believe is my least favourite.. I don't hate it, but it's too citrusy(?) for me.. Love the bottle tho... I love VIP Private Show and Prerogative the most, and I get most compliments when I combine them Does anyone here have Sunset and Rainbow Fantasy? I mean I'm going to buy them anyway, but - are they good?
  7. Yeah, but I believe there's more than 15sec and cut...
  8. You like it? Want a full image? I spent some quality time in GIMP
  9. No I am serious.. Shazam doesn't know it, Google Sound Search doesn't know it.. But I NEED IT!
  10. Guys.. I'm desperate.. Does any of you have any idea what's the song?
  11. I feel like this whole movement is misunderstood... At this point I'm not even eager to know the TRUTH and all that... I just want someone to investigate if the conservatorship isn't used to abuse her
  12. Oh god I wanna do it too.. There are always ways to get new music, if there's any new music... But I can't live without the perfumes, sorry y'all
  13. I know this is much needed, like someone on here said - 2011 was late... But.. I don't know.. Don't get me wrong- I'm really here for it! It's just.. I have this weird feeling about the people surrounding her.. I feel like they're gonna do something really wrong, if they get scared... I just don't want them to hurt her, just because of money ..
  14. This whole #freebritney situation really f*cked me up ... I'm absolutely terrified... I don't know what to make out of it... I'm scared that we're losing her with this, like, all the disturbing stuff is slowly uncovering and I feel like they will make her 'disappear' ...
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