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  1. HI BABE! read what we post . we decided to not do it now. thats what im traying to say https://twitter.com/justice4blac/status/1286796739203280902
  2. is so unfair so sososososososososos unfaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair tell me is no re scheduling que hijos de puta!!!!
  3. IM SO ANXIOUS , WISH BE THERE so proud all fans there . see the live of freebritneyla
  4. hi babe!!! follow us on twitter: justice4blac marcella araica "incredible lago" liked by DM on instagram #JUSTICEFORBLACKOUT and ask us to tell her more about the movement!!!
  5. we DM MARCELLA ARAICA "iINCREDIBLE LAGO" #justiceforblackout and she liked!!!!!!
  6. hi babe!!! and welcome!! saw you are newbie we are from latin america!! mainly from argentina and brasil, also peru etc. who start #justiceforblackout again on twitter. and connect . we think its a good idea, i try to explain here the reasons. in the other hand, when #justiceforglory happened same with mood ring we all fans of britney was fighting for her freedom. #freebritney as you all now doesnt start yesterday. however those campagns happened (mood ring and glory) . personally i dont buy nothing that time. understand your point. and the money. we ask in a poll what to do, most fans wants to do #justiceforblackout 21july. we was not confortable with that. but truly sure with the idea of the campagn. so decided to do it 27 july after the hearing. Blackout is the most personal album from her. we want to do this for her, for us and for all non fans that doesn't know this masterpiece. From our point of view the conservatorship that start because whats wappend 2007 we want to make loud about it. the era when britney was free and at least fired larry for example. i wish could explain better. The result is that in britneys life her team , cship win. taking too much "pieces of her" i understand if you dont agree, and respect the points of views. especially if came from fans that support not only britney music and also want her free. we want the same. love you from another fan
  7. you so sweet!!! sometimes its hard to write!!but i keep learning!! both campaing support each other @BritintheZone we will support overprotected !! we was orga****ng before and decided to do #justiceforblackout after the hearing. yes i understand your point but we re trying to make loud to what happend in 2007 , the gp remember the vma, britney shaving her hair , think she is crazy so its a """"conspiracy""" . now we have for example more feminism, you see the lyrics of piece of me and think how britney was treated and lose the custody of her babies for example and all the gp mocking . (wish to explain more but my english ... you understand ) and whats the result? """"she has demencia???"" (its me being ironic cause i cant explain) the same gp that thaugt "yes she is extremly fat, ridiculous " look at her at the vma, now maybe look things different. they revisit their ideas about britney and fight for her freedom. everybody was treating her like garbage : justin timberlake in his concert saying to rehab etc. anyway, still think the message can be strong!!!!! we will put more effort in write better about this
  8. hi babe!!! follow us!! we re a group of latin americans: argentina, brasil mainly, we are on twitter. hope you understand the idea!! in that era britney do what she really want. she was brunnette, at least fired larry, she paid a high price for2007 . we all loves blackout and its a wonderful ocasion to express how bad britney was treated by media at that thime . so unfair. and we all now that what happened in 2007 is used for this conservatorship abuse. hope more of you join!!!
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