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    other Britney inspired a VS outfit

    Queen of fashion
  2. IUSAtonight

    other A thematic album about roses?

    and then for the live shows she would sing live with a microphone decorated like a rose while wearing a flower headpiece
  3. I watched that full thing. I'd love to see Britney talking about her career and work more in depth than "it was really cool" and "i think it's just a song" but tbh i don't think she can. For once she's not that relaxed and expressive in interviews and also it's like things just disappeare from her memory. She could obviously freshen up her memory before doing something like that, i mean she could use a quick read of her wiki page to remember some stuff. Plus she's not that involved in the making of her music as Mariah is. She'll write with people here and there but she's out of the studio as soon as her part is over. I don't think she remembers a lot of people she worked with on older albums, like Britney for example. Still i agree it would be refreshing to hear her point of view on decisions on albums/singles, what things did her label "force" (for example the BJ album) and stuff like that
  4. That picture on the dock seems so ridiculous to me, like the pose, the boobs, the scenery Also, doesn't Shakira look a bit odd? I mean her face. I don't like she doesn't seem like herself
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    exhale I agree with this

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    socialney Britney's face in SP

    There's obviously editing in SP as well as most of her music videos. Nothing new. Maybe they didn't edit the darker frames cause the details of her face aren't that visible
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    official The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    It was a bit weird, maybe with more listens it'll grow on me Ummm, i pay my premium subscription on Spotify so for now im gonna enjoy it for 6 euros per month