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  1. That was shady but she deserves it
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    Really? I use a url as well but i think there's a limit like 600kb or something
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    Do you mean, how to use a gif as a profile pic? You can find a gif you like and then you'll probably have to crop it and make it a smaller size cause there's a size limit. You can do that online. There are several sites for this
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    Here Are The Nominations For The 2018 VMAs

    Wasn't Chantaje released in 2016 tho?
  5. Would they need an approval for using her version tho??
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    The Insecurities / Self-Love Thread

    I'm skinny too and although i would like to be more buff i hate working out and going to the gym, so that's on me. I wouldn't mind a bigger d!ck too
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    Avril Lavigne

    Oh i forgot to mention How you remind me. It's a cover of course but i like it a lot and it's a softer take on the original that I think you'll like
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    Avril Lavigne

    I honestly wasn't even aware of this collection. You can probably listen to each track individually on YouTube tho, no?
  9. I'm so happy you enjoyed the show. I completely agree on the crowd interaction part. I love it when she goes off script and i would love for her to start engaging with the crowd more in the future
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    Avril Lavigne

    Really?? Cause i always thought of her first 2 as the most rock influenced. Especially UMS which to me sounds really Evanescenceish. Maybe it's because most of the songs are high energy and fast paced and less serious subjects that i considered it more pop or pop-punk. Idk tho. I'm not really interested in genres as long as i enjoy what i hear No i haven't. I have listened to Why and Get over it. Are these songs b-sides? Im not sure. I really like Why. Get over it is cute but i don't really care for it
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    Avril Lavigne

    Best damn thing is rock? Idk but for me it's super popy and generic
  12. IUSAtonight

    Avril Lavigne

    Omg you should get to know this underated vocalist What songs do you like? If you like the rock vibe pop i would suggest Let go and Under my skin (my favorite of hers) albums. Under my skin is more depressing and dark than Let go. Goodbye lullaby has more accoustic type songs with a few generic Max Martin tracks like What the hell and smile which are cool but not really what i listen often. The best damn thing is very generic superficial feel good type of album with a few more deep tracks. AL is my least favorite one. I think she experiments with different sounds here and there but overall it's a kinda boring album. It all depends on your preferences tho. Personally i think she shines on her ballads and more serious songs but she has a few bops that you might like. My personal favorites of each album Let go: the singles, unwanted, nobody's fool, too much to ask UMS: nobody's home, fall to pieces, how does it feel, forgotten, don't tell me but really I love the whole album TBDT: when you're gone, keep holding on, i will be (her "i run away"), girlfriend GL: not enough, darlin, wish you were here, Alice AL: Give you what you like, Let me go, Bad girl.... Hello Kitty is super stupid but kinda fun imo