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  1. What happened in Istanbul is really horrible. I hope you guys and your families who live there are all ok. Such a bad start for 2017 :( 

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    2. PieceofBritney


      Reina is the most popular and most expensive night club in Istanbul. It's by the sea. Someone shot like a hundred people there and 39 of them died. 27 of victims were foreigners. (Most likely some of them were Iranians. And imagine they only came here for new year and partying....and now they're dead.) My sister-in-law always insists on going there but hopefully this year my family didn't come to visit me otherwise I would've been either dead or injured now. 

      Anyway, I can't go outside without constantly worrying about a shooter appearing in front of me. It's really scary. It hadn't even been a month since the last attack I think. 

      iranians like me**

    3. PieceofBritney


      What the f**k just happened. Why there are two posts? lol

    4. BrittonJeanSpears