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  1. This article feels like a joke. Just damage control to make people shut up. I'm not completely sold on the "held against her will" story either but this feels fake and staged Also her look is kinda different than her usual. I mean of course she doesn't have make-up on (not even a ton of mascara??? ) but still something's off
  2. That's completely different. Kesha was the one that made the accusations in that case. Britney hasn't said anything, this is fans speculating things. For all we know Britney might not even want people to know what is truly happening
  3. As long as she's under the c-ship, her dad is the one you give money too. Technically it's her money but she doesn't have access to it or can manage it. So by giving them money is like rewarding them for all this drama that is happening right now. Until it's proven that she's not being forced to do anything or she's being in a facility against ger will i say
  4. Omg so many pages. I can't catch up to all of this. I see names of people that I don't even know who they are and what they have to do with Britney