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  1. You forgot about when her double she jumped in a pool in perfume
  2. The diarrhea excuse is ok for one time but you can't have diarrhea every day. next time, maybe for a more permanent solution, i would suggest casually letting it slip that you have chlamydia or some other STD
  3. Do you think we'll get another 1000 four seconds teasers, that will be outtakes from the last shoot? Im here for it tbh
  4. I don't think so. Maybe if she's one of the producers and it depends what category is i guess. Of course she's a part of it, it's a about her but i dont think she has an Emmy in her trophy room
  5. I didn't really like the song when it got released but the video elevated it imo. It's the best out of the three videos. Although it was a bit to similar to Alice with the piano and forest aesthetic it still feels fiting for the song. She also gave us some great looks I highly doupt it will be a hit at this point but i hope the video will gain more views than Tell me it's over.. shouldnt be very hard
  6. I was going to say Perfume but they really didn't have many options for singles from Bj besides Glitchien. So i am going with Pajama party. There were many other options and on top of that they slapped Tinashe on the track, one of the most uninteresting collaboration of her career
  7. Ok. Retraction. I now love BTS and Boy with luv is kinda good
  8. I'm not the biggest LM fan so i don't mind it but i think that if it was the other way around people would be far more outraged. There's nothing wrong with keeping the original character race. Disney should really try creating more original stories with main characters of other races besides caucasian and not race bend their existing classic characters. It seems really try hard. Besides the casting choice im wondering where will they go with the story. Since they made a change like that I'm guessing there will be changes to the story as well. Maybe they will make Ariel less boy crazy and obsessed.
  9. For example that rap feature on Close to me, while we're on topic. I can't help but cringe everytime i hear the rap verse when the og song comes up on a playlist
  10. OMG, i didn't know Japan lifted the whale hunting ban Those animals where almost extinct because of hunting, the last thing they need is more countries allowing for them to be hunted. Poor babies Also on the Demi news I'm not surprised. Young fans can be disturbingly stupid and vile when they're "defending" their fave.
  11. I love this remix. Although I don't care for RV, this was amazing and deserved a music video Tbf most collaborations in music are opportunistic, not only when it's a western artist with a kpop group. For example none of Britney's collaborations sound genuine to me. It's all about reaching another audience that perhaps wouldn't normally listen to your music
  12. A beach themed music video, filmed in Hawaii is what I picture when i listen to If im dancing. The summer bop that never was
  13. This thread doesn't make sense to me. Half the replies are from another thread that, i suppose, got merged with this one and i have no idea what was the other thread's topic
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