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  1. Queen of having multiple rays of light
  2. So ridiculous. She should gave just announce it on Ellen and be done with it
  3. The real question is "can Larry be trusted?" And even if this is true. How long will it last before she starts to ruin costumes, cut choreography and tie her hair in a top knot while having awkward spasms on stage to fill the show?
  4. I think the only problem is the lipstick. It makes her look like a clown
  5. Do we really need more room for her to walk on tho?
  6. One more time: Live in Las Vegas is coming to snatch those Best show in Vegas awards So excited Her emancipation of Mimi era is coming too
  7. IUSAtonight

    official The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    I just realized Honey is about cumming
  8. IUSAtonight

    other Movies

    I recently was watching some older movies. Some that come to mind are Silence of the lambs, Fatal attraction, lost in translation... pretty well known but if you're younger you might not have seen them From horror some good ones i can remember now are You're next, The strangers, dont breathe, cabin in the woods, the others... also Sweeney Todd if you're into gore musicals On the musical topic i also loved Moulin Rouge I don't really watch comedy but Game night was amazing If you like fantasy i think youll like Chronicle, District 9, Cloverfield maybe Other random movies that i liked and come to mind are Molly's game, Zombieland, The descendants, interview with a vampire, hidden figures, lion For series i recently watched Peaky blinders and Black mirror both good