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  1. I really like Miley but it seems like she has a very short attention span. She did Bangerz and then said she's country now and hip hop is not her. Then she goes back to hop and plans whatever She is coming era was. Then scraps that and goes rock n roll
  2. My favourite Madonna song. Well deserved. ***** I'm Madonna on the other hand is her worst song that I ve heard of
  3. VMAs is unwatchable nowadays so I'm going to watch it later on YouTube
  4. I used to love Charmed as a kid I started watching after season 3 thought, so I wasn't really familiar with Prue. Paige was my favourite
  5. Isn't anyone trying to find me? Won't somebody come take me home? I really enjoyed this challenge. Some days I would only come here for the daily thread Good job
  6. Just in time, before Day 30 debuts My mom said this song reminds her of me, because she was listening to it, one time many years ago, and I said that I love it as well. It was unusual because it's an older song and it's not Britney, that I would listen to almost exclusively back then
  7. It's a cover. The original is by Keane but this version hits me different My favourite line is "I'm getting old and I need something to rely on" and I'm like, same *****
  8. Not at you flop fans posting Gloryhole songs instead of And then we kiss I'm losing faith in humanity I would change my entry
  9. cameo appearance by Avril Lavigne Edit: Oops... I totally forgot Jay-Z and Kanye also appeared in this
  10. S&M- The rest are better as solo songs or they should never happen
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