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  1. Yes, you're right. 73m voted trump.... More voted for Biden.
  2. Sorry, not sorry, but this attitude isn't good enough. Yes, ALL of us fans have contributed to the Conservatorship going the way it has by consuming Britney's Brand, whether that be buying her albums, going to concerts, buying merch etc etc. There's no denying that, but since March/April 2019, we have had enough proof to know to stop. For the three or four months, we have had statement after statement from both Britney's legal representation and Jamie's that, in no uncertain terms, says Britney is refusing to engage to any activity that benefits her father. It could be excused before August when it was more vague, but it is undeniable now. We also have statements from Jamie saying Britney shouldnt have any input into who her manager is. From that, we can conclude that that extends to career decisions or deals being made such as new music. Trying to justify the release of the single is a pointless exercise, but you cannot point fingers at fans and act high and mighty because you are now choosing to ignore the facts of the situation. No, both sides are not as bad as each other and it is not a matter of opinion; It is a matter of choosing between your own pleasure versus someone's legal existence, civil liberties and human rights. I mean honestly, lets not act like like every single fan here didn't rush to download leaks of albums and singles. Why is this song deserving of a better treatment?
  3. Sorry but that doesnt cut it. 2020 has been a brilliant year for music, both quality and records.
  4. Her music was bought by someone who went out of their way to hurt her. Kanye has been exposed for setting her up. If you're still punishing her for the actions of mediocre men, check yourself.
  5. She recorded her first album in 2005, so a contract would have been signed before that, but still, you're defending scum like scooter.
  6. Thanks to a deal she signed when she was 14. Why defend him? He's now dragged another entity into this, while robbing their money.
  7. Myah isn't the cause is this. Britney had an urban album ready to go, but team b scrapped it as the urban sound, while being popular in early 2013, was dated by mid 2013 and EDM was becoming the trend. Will.i.am was made the EP in August 2013 as he had success with Britney with scream and shout, and was an edm producer. He wanted full creative control, meaning producers involved either quit (Dev Hynes and HitBoy, if I'm correct), were scrapped (Danja) or had songs destroyed (William Orbit). Keep in mind, at this point, the promo schedule for a ready to go Album and Vegas was in place, and Britney had other commitments, eith rehearsals, photoshoots and being a mother. She clearly and rightfully refused to sacrifice personal time because as far as she was concerned, she did her job and craft but it wasnt respected so any further recording was bare minimum. At this point, myah had already signed NDAs and work contracts that meant she had to do the project. Will.i.ams team chose her vocals over working with Britneys. How is it legal? Quite simply; language. In the album credits, they were very careful with what they said when attributing vocal credits. In Femme Fatale, britney is labelled as lead vocalist, and other voices are listed as backing vocals. On Britney Jean, they replace the word "backing vocals" with "additional vocals". While it is a simple word change that at first glance means the same thing, legally speaking, it gave them free reign to make anyone other than britney the lead vocal position, while washing their hands of any consequences in regards to false advertising an album that doesnt feature the singer who is being advertised. All of this, with the culture of fear and control team b create in their professional workings makes for an album like BJ.
  8. As much as I do kinda wish she'd pick up steam, let's not pretend it's a similar situation. Chromatica was to be released right as the pandemic started, and her first postponement came with the thinking that many of us had, that this virus would be under control. Low and behold, that wasnt the case. The second release date was announced with a months countdown and she built up hype, with ROM, the ROM video and the release....and then came the Death of George Floyd and the surge in support for BLM. There was very little she could have done to have an all out launch because she knew the timing was all over the place. Kylie released an incredible album that deserves all the praise if receives, but industry have started to adapt.
  9. Theres court documents from August, that clearly state britney is refusing to work. Following that, we have court documents from jamie that state that britney is refusing to work. And there's literally people at the hearings reporting in what's being said. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHbfJb-lRN6/?igshid=1a7wobaxhqls
  10. No, as long as Jamie is in, britney doesn't want to work. The song is being released to find ways around britney not working. On top of this, Jamie said in court that Britney doesnt have to have input in her managers. If this is her fathers approach to her manager, it applies to her career. So no, it's not okay.
  11. I know but part me did go "this sounds....familiar". I hope it's just heavy backing but when we hear the song in full, we'll find out but all we have is the snippet. We know it was recorded before 2016, but production sounds more in line with bj than glory, in my opinion.
  12. Part of me is worried myah is on this. There hasnt been this much 'is it/isnt it?" Since BJ. I hope they didnt do it again but I would not put it past team con to damage her knowing their time is ticking.
  13. Hear me out, maybe Penny is waiting for Ingham to file a clear and direct statement saying scumbag Jamie needs to be removed.
  14. Jodi is over her person, and if removed, bessemer would oversee finances, but ultimately, she could end the conservatorship was it is voluntary, by law.
  15. Jamie is an known abuser. As much as Lynn's comments have come later than some would want, she is an abuse victim. This would definitely retraumatise someone, and given the severity of the situation, it definitely took a lot of thinking. Lynn should be supported.
  16. Team jamie playing dumb. Bessemer were to be appointed as co conservator, who would then petition to be sole conservator or britney would request it. Jamie's suspension only makes it easier!
  17. Not necessarily true. Right now, she's refusing to work until her father is out of the picture. Once he's out, there's literally no reason for people she doesnt want to work with being in the picture.
  18. Centrists have done nothing for society other than benefit from the hard work of other politicians.
  19. The problem with your post is your concept of unity and/or tolerance. Tolerance should not accept intolerance that infringes on someone else's existence.
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