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  1. 17 hours ago, Arckangel said:

    Come on! Marta swore on her late father's memory who passed away last year that she's telling the truth. Sure, some are amoral enough to use such a tactic to lie, but she's coming across as sincere to me, and many others (hundreds actually who've liked her videos) believe her, and some other Exhalers also do believe her. A few tears onstage on Britney's part ain't gonna erase her monstrous attitude towards Marta.

    As I said before; you believe Britney Jean is all Britney, but don't believe Marta's story is missing a lot of pieces and she isn't as innocent as she's making out. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Arckangel said:

    @falka Of course, Britney did not physically attack Marta, but she gave her quite a scare! Marta explained, among other things, that Britney gave her a very evil look like she wanted to curse her or something.

    The Fury of Britney Spears Against a Spanish Fan Who Paid 950 Euros To See Her

    Marta said that right after the incident, when explaining the situation to her friends, she swore on her late father's memory that she was telling the truth, and they knew she wouldn't dishonour her father's memory that way.

    Marta was literally shaking as she left that room. She also, at some point, broke down and cried. She had been a fan since day one! That was such a nightmare for her, the worst day of her life as she said.

    @bboy admitted Britney had "scary eyes" right after his meet and greet with her, and there are even more similar stories. Obviously, those meet and greets aren't doing her any good.

    I wish you believed that Myah sang that majority of BJ as much as you do believing that there's a whole ton of horrible meet and greet stories that never made the light of day because people were scared.

  3. 1 minute ago, Britney x Irene said:

    I'm sure people knew what they got themselves into (5-10 seconds of interaction during photo op) but I think they expected at least that kind of experience where she was like "Hi sweetie, I'm Britney", "Thank you sweetie, enjoy the show" not this kind of experience of Britney NOT LOOKING AT THEM, asking for a burger mid meet & greet, talking to the photographer, being sarcastic, laughing at someone who paid A LOT to meet her etc.

    For sure there were other experiences as well but I honestly think  that less than 10% of people post their story/picture online, the others just tell their friends probably.  

    I am looking at them to be completely honest. Both the people who have shared their ''negative'' expiriences have been in the wrong. As much as people want to say Britney is unprofessional, she's in the game 20 years now, and she's been doing these type of M&G's for 4 years. 

    The spanish fanwas asked a number of times to stop touching Britney by Britney herself and she didn't. This fan literally wanted to confess his love for Britney, and have her bring him onstage and as much as he tries to say he didn't hype himself up....he clearly did, and nothing would change that.

    Yeah, not everyone is going to share their M&G's but I find it hard to believe that Britney went from shy and kinda nervous (which was the biggest ''criticism'' of the m&g's when they were at their worst) to ''she's shouting at security, she's laughing in my face!'' and ALL OF THEM kept quite. Really, the last week of the show, when every other M&G looks good and her energy is far better than its been in a long time?

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  4. So, only a two days after a spanish fan shared their ''bad expirience'' which was supposedly completely beyond their control (despite being told a number of times by security and Britney not to touch her because she wasn't feeling well), now we have another sob story.

    I'm happy this person has lost weight and is in a better place, but I mean, really? four years of M&G's and only in the last week people are acting like it wasn't common knowledge they're a photo opp? 

    Honestly, yes, the photos aren't as quirky as they were in 2016 or times in Vegas, but they're still cute, and both times, the issue is people's own expectations or their own attitudes, and the majority of people are happy with them, and not in the ''they'll do!'' indifference sense, they look happy and Britney looks happy, yet here we are hearing extreme stories, and that's before we look at the show and see her energy has been consistent and better than the past year in Vegas.

    This fan was aware of what happened with the spanish fan, and freaked them self out, and part of me believes they're only sharing there story to get some side of following her. Fans who met her in Vegas when the M&G's were at their worst weren't so much disappointed, as they were underwhelmed, but somehow, fans are crippled in the past three days?


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  5. 11 hours ago, Arckangel said:

    @ICouldntThinkOfOne, @Lilith, I understand the points you've made. IF Marta was truly told/asked not to touch Britney at all more than once, and she still went ahead and did it, I can understand the reaction, but:



    This guy is clearly touching Britney's lower back, and she's cool with it. And that lady's touching her shoulder, and she's still cool with it. Okay, maybe Marta was asked not to touch her at all (she should have obeyed if told so), but still... Feels a bit weird—capricious—to me. One moment, you can touch Britney's shoulder or lower back (sometimes, she does touch fans); one moment, she'll refuse the photo altogether and will kick you out if you barely brush the back of her sweater...

    Yes, I get it—she's the boss! But it feels a bit capricious to me. I'm not just referring to this one fiasco/incident with Marta, but other nights as well. Some fans got hugs, cool badass photos with wicked poses, a genuine smile; others got very cool zombie-like photos; others were denied hugs... If sick, I can understand a "no hug" rule, but Brit's M&G mood seems somewhat fickle and volatile.

    These photos are exactly why something doesn't add up on the fans side of the story, in my opinion. Maybe Britney (when meeting a stranger) reacts in the way she seems suitable (Its almost like fans who met her before we told this at vegas meet and greets by felicia, no?). If you go in and are calm, she reacts in the same way. If you have an attitude, she closes off.

    If you go in and ask Britney for a hug, surprise, you've asked and she's reacted well. If you go in, start directing the photograph and then keep touching her when she asks not to be touched.....

    if someone says 'don't touch me', you don't, whether its a Pop Icon, or delivery boy.

    Miss thing feels overly entitled and should've listened to Britney.

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  6. 4 hours ago, Arckangel said:

    According to this post by @Invitation, fans were told not to hug her:

    According to Marta, she gently placed her hand behind her back (barely brushing the back of her sweater) for the picture. It is common, very much common and par for the course to place one's hand on the other's shoulder or back for a photo. It's something you may see everywhere! I'm sure you have a photo album at home w/ similar poses. If doing so is sexual harassment (as some have accused Marta of doing) or some other type of grand offence, there is a serious problem at hand (and such meet and greets should just be cancelled altogether).

    According to others, Marta was asked by Britney herself not to touch her twice, and she did it thrice anyway, but I'm not sure that's what happened. Granted! It's Brit's meet and greet, her rules, but I really do not see the point of meet and greets under such circumstances. It's pathetic! A money grab—nothing more!

    Britney asked a number of times. Other people who were there said her team and Britney herself said she wasn't feeling the best and wanted space.

    Why is this so hard to understand? If someone says 'Don't touch me', you don't. She did it three times.

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  7. Yes, Britney was more care free and had different priorities, and her team used to regularly say she never hid anything and was incredibly open....

    ...and then she had a mental breakdown, that was the cover of every newspaper and magazine at the time for two years, and two kids. 

    We never see Britney in situations that aren't controlled anymore, and when we do, we see this Britney. That's the point of the control, its so she has privacy to be herself. That's it in the simplest way.

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  8. 1 minute ago, Arckangel said:

    Marta explained all those things from the very beginning.

    ''I barely touched her''
    ''Spanish culture is touchy!!''
    Security literally tell people not to touch Britney, but ''Britney didn't say DON'T touch her''. 

    This is someone acting the brat and not getting their way, and something doesn't add up in their story for it to go from ''I had my hand on her jumper'' to ''she laughed in my face, i'm going to post tons of videos and tweet people''. 

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  9. 2 minutes ago, Daxx said:

    I'm Spanish myself and this woman seems so entitled and angry lmao trying to blame Spanish culture for being too touchy while she says she barely touched her, homegirl is literally contradicting herself :imdying: and in the Spanish video she literally says something like "I'm so f*cking over you Britney fans" and goes on to say Britney can't sing for sh!t towards the end of the video :imdying: suuuuuch a huge fan :imdying:

    The biggest problem with the meet and greets: They're rarely fans, just people with too much money. Only a 'fan' when the camera is there. 

    Honestly, this situation is like watching a child trying to convince a teacher that their classmate is lying and that they didn't do it.....despite the fact that the classmate hasn't said anything.

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  10. 3 minutes ago, jokobitch said:

    It’s some racist mfs in these forum I tell you. I’ve peeped it when it comes to black ppl and now I’m peeping it now. Bc she’s foreign she’s seen as crazy and a psycho.. and cuz she was angry and riled up? Who the hell wouldn’t be!? sh!t my ass would’ve been way less calm about it. I’d say some nasty ass sh!t to Britney and everyone else if she f**king laughed in my face about how much money I paid . Bitch don’t make me go there.

    The big issue is that the people feel something is missing from her story, and it doesn't help that she's so riled up, and when people who were in the queue are saying ''yeah....something is missing''.......

    her story literally goes from ''I was touching her jumper'' to ''Britney was laughing at me!''. Something seems off.

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  11. 16 minutes ago, Lilith said:

    21 pages :cackling: Why is it so hard for some of u to get it :cackling: Britney clearly didn't want anyone touching her without permission. Apparently she told that fan NOT to touch her. She didn't listen and Britney refused for the pic. It can't get more clear than that. :cackling:B00h00 let's cry for that fan not getting her pic. Who cares, she got her refund. Britney never refused a M&G before, she was clearly NOT feeling it that day to have anyone touch her. End of story :cackling:

    This is probably the first time in a long time I've sat here going ''....you tell um!''.

  12. 19 minutes ago, joe sp said:

    Come on... this is not the first weird story about Britney meeting other people, if she  "directed" the photographer, well she had an excuse and good for her for telling Britney she was PAYING for that


    Congratulations you just created an excuse for everything I posted :bareclap:


    Maybe you're just looking for a reason to post negative posts on a Britney forum. Have a sticker :)

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  13. 4 hours ago, 2K16NEY said:

    A few examples:

    While on her POM Asia tour, she said into the mic unknowingly wondering why more people weren’t jumping and dancing along? (she was giving poor performances during this time)

    Her blatantly lying to her fans by stating she sings “live” all the time and she doesn’t get the credit she deserves.

    Being semi-rude to the fans who dance on stage during the Freakshow segment.

    Being rude to fans during the M&G.

    Lying about being sick and wearing an oversized coat in the middle of summer so that fans don’t touch her.

    :receipts2:  I just want to know what you all think of the person Britney has become.

    Not to be delusional or rude but.....
    1) Would you be super happy if you had travelled around the world, and on one date, people didn't seem interested? The asia tour had a lot of very big crowds and eager crowds, maybe it came as a shock that they were just watching the show. Gaga literally screams at her fans. Also, she thought her mic was off, it was never supposed to be heard which ties into....
    2) This ones a mystery tbh. I believe its just to cause controversy. When she was hyping Vegas, she said the same. When she was hyping the tour she said it. When she was on tour in 2009 and faced this criticism, she sang live, in 2017, she did the same (and started posting on insta). In 2015, with little to promote, she said she used playback. Either she's singing along to her songs, and her mic is off and she knows it (like the DWAD Tour mic feed video) or she has no idea. 
    3) The ''Rude'' FS moments have usually been because fans have been too forward or slightly arrogant, and are far outweighed by the positive fun ones.
    4) We've had one fan say they had a negative expirience (and something doesn't line up), other fans were disappointed because they had high expectations and where underwhelmed at the length or the fact that Britney comes across as shy, most of the time, the ones we hear about are people with youtube followings or are members here, and most of the time, the people who go in thinking ''lets take it at face value'' and stay calm have the best experiences.
    5) You've no proof to say she's ''lying'' about being sick or the jacket. She's lived in the desert on and off again for four years, and when she's not there, she's in LA. Its not exactly humid, grey Dublin/London. I'm irish, and I've met plenty of american people who think our hot weather (24 degrees celsius) is mild, while our warm weather is cold. That's just what we're used to. She's travelling around Europe which has had a heatwave for literally weeks, and its just ended. On top of that, she's literally travelled between The States and europe non stop for the past month, maybe, she's a bit rundown, jetlagged etc. after four years of Vegas and routine.

    I feel we're clutching for straws for reasons to believe otherwise, and that she is humble, shy etc. all the things her team and people who work with her say she is. 


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  14. 6 minutes ago, joe sp said:

    What kinda disease did Britney had? chickenpocx, smallpox, rash??? she performed with the dancers touching her everywhere the whole show and she was fine with it.

    I believe the fan and go to hell to all of you saying she seems "crazy" just for her accent, that´s DISCRIMINATION. Once again Britney proves she´s unprofessional and hate her fans to the point she doesn´t want them to touch her, that´s why she´s wearing that HUGE coat on the M&G.

    What a shame!

    Maybe Britney was jetlagged, tired and a bit run down from travelling and being regularly displaced after doing Vegas in one place for four years. The tour literally moves the minute it finishes in one place, the dancers literally bored the bus the minute they leave the stage.
    Yes, she performs with dancers touching her, but she knows them, some of them have worked with her for 10 years, others for atleast 2 since the revamp either way, they're not strangers. Maybe she wears a big coat because its simple and looks nice in the photos, and it means she doesn't have to fuss about her outfit before the show.

    The problem isn't the fan has a ''weird accent'' and that makes her wrong. The problem is this story is that there's too many leaps and jumps that open up more questions. She doesn't ''hate'' her fans, she just has to do m&g that are usually just a cash grab for people with too much cash, and might not necessarily be fans. Literally, the biggest reasons have been disappointed with m&g's was because they were too short and not a lot happened....now, Britney is screaming at fans and laughing in their face?

    You can say she's unprofessional, but she's in the game 20 years, she knows how to play it, and so do her team. Something doesn't add up. 




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  15. Here's my two cents on the situation. We know that Britney's security team and M&G team do everything into scaring people into not doing anything out of the ordinary when meeting Britney. It works. I met Taylor Swift awhile back (I got picked for her Rep Room) and the team did the same thing; no videos, one photo, or else....
    What happens when you get in? you meet the star and realise they're a human, not just a protocol or legally binding code of behavior. 
    Now, Taylor's situation is very different because it is so personal, and we know Britney's m&g are less about meeting fans and more about contractual agreements, but something really doesn't add up. 

    Most of us here have heard the best and the worst of the M&G's stories, and the ''worst '' ones were that Britney was shy and seemed nervous and didn't do much chatting. At best, Britney was fun and warm, and willing to do silly poses with fans or was having fun with fans (Didn't someone post about his experience with her the other night? Daniel?). As much as people here believe Britney is unprofessional, she's very professional and she knows when to talk and when not to, particularly if its something negative. If the 'fan' said security asked her to leave (and lets be honest, they know fans will ask for a hug, or Britney will naturally do it!), then yeah, I'd believe it slightly more, but honeslty? Britney reacted so negatively to a fan lightly touching her jumper, that she demanded she leave, and laughed in her face as she tried to explain her situation?

    I believe the fan went in thinking ''this is MY moment, I want THIS, THIS and THIS'' and went in with the exact attitude the security warned her about, and treated Britney like a wax figure, and these videos are a cover up for what really happened, like a child running to a teacher to tell them that someone is lying and that they didn't do it (you get what I mean). 

    There's too much of a leap between ''I lightly touched her jumper'' and ''I spent too much money to be treated like this? I'm storming out of the concert, because Britney laughed in my face.'' Its too out of character for Britney.

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  16. 20 years in the game, 4 years worth of Piece of Me style meet and greets/photo opportunities, no negative expiriences (even though some where underwhelmed at the speed of them) and suddenly, Britney is demanding security remove someone and laughing in their face....

    ...because a fan touched her lightly......

    ....does no one hear killbill style sirens at the 'fan's side of the story?  

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  17.  If Britney brought her drive she had in POM 2015, or 2016 with Glory, with the energy she has now and the attitude she delivers when she does big televised performances, with one, maybe two All Night (Don't Stop) Instagram post style dance breaks, and prerecorded vocals she'd have a killer show. Lets keep in mind, its not necessarily just about choreo, its about theatrics, and the team who created POM also did Katy's show, Gaga's show and Taylor's current tour, on top of Pink's show, so they'd be able for it.

    Honestly, I can even imagine POM's Womanizer performance translating well on camera, if it had better costumes and precision. 

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  18. 1 hour ago, It'sSamB!tch said:


    Multiple dates were actually filmed. Circus from Copenhagen was also filmed and is on youtube.

    The whole Circus Tour pro shot is yet to be leaked as some traders actually have it...it's a gem that probably never will be leaked sadly...but yeah a handful of people do have it...

    The DVD wasn't released due copyright issues. Something with the screens I believe it was...but the tour was initially planned to be released on DVD.

    It was to do with the 360 degree screen. U2 had used a similar set up for their tour, and had copyrighted that style of screen (somehow!), so it was a huge copyright issue.