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  1. Who will argue against them though? I mean the only person who can legally cannot chose her council? As long as her father has autonomy over estate, he can Greenlight what ever he feels.
  2. Honest question. Why not stand your ground? If she's so certain that everyone else is wrong, surely, she could prove that? Defamation is only defamatory when it's untrue.
  3. Long story short, he did sell them but he still gains from them. He offered to sell them back to Taylor but it was a very shady deal on his half, and ultimately meant that Taylor couldn't rerecord and rerelease music, but also, not own her masters. low and behold, she turned this down and he sold them onto a group called Shamrock, I believe. This was another shady move on his part, because he knew that Taylor intended on the re-releases, and that the older ones would lose their value, both commercial and with fans. They contacted Taylor and her people to find an agreement, and they did begin talks in good faith but upon entering the talks and examining contracts etc. The deal Braun made with Shamrock not only saw him gain the millions that came with purchasing the masters, but he still gained from the sales and streams of the music, so Taylor ultimately declined on the basis that she did not want Braun making money off her life's work.
  4. A lot of people are wondering why she did this, and why she didn't change them up? Have all your opinions on Taylor you want, but ultimately, someone who actively tried to sabotage her career when it was already in a rough spot bought rights to music who had input in to spite Taylor, benefit from her career, and continue to sabotage her as it would affect her performances and touring, and the only options he gave her were "deal with it!" Or "agree not to make public statements before we even enter negotiations". Ultimately, she did something that she had a right to do as a writer. Why did she keep them the same? Because it was never about reimagining them, it was about making sure Braun lost control over her music and life's work. Taylor, once again, wins.
  5. Interesting that you choose to believe science and statistics for rates of infection, but choose to deny them for what the virus is and the effectiveness of the vaccine.
  6. Honestly, she looks so good and it's been the longest time since we got to see her so unedited and relaxed!
  7. You are aware her instagram videos were brought up in court recently by her father, as grounds to be concerned? As much as you don't seem to want to admit that, Team Con control the instagram, and the instagram plays with the court of public opinion. If Team Britney want to make the world think she's not well, they post a video to do so. As much as this video is super cute, we can't just say the good stuff is her and the bad stuff is someone else; Its recognised Team Con have final say over the Instagram.
  8. She wore a long dress to the grammy's though? She had a long dress on the Rep Tour. She fell once, big deal.
  9. Isnt it interesting it took a literally movement exposing everything and everyone involved with Britney's insta before they posted content that put her in a normal and fun light? This looks like something she'd post which hasnt been done in nearly 2 years.
  10. That's not true. Taylor gets frustrated when people claim she only writes about her exes and only dates so she can write bad songs about people. No one else gets questioned for writing songs about their relationships in the way taylor does, and even when she changed up what she was writing about, people still complained. She's rereleasing an album that's 13 years old, of course, its going to fit in thematically with what she was writing back then?
  11. Ummm....@JordanMiller the title is very unnecessary and problematic because it is unneccesarily stirring the pot to set people up to criticise Taylor. She didn't 'drag' Joe Jonas. She released a song. The song, itself, is 13 years old. Yeah, it might be about Joe, but its a break-up song, on an album being released so she can own her own music. Taylor and Joe Jonas got over whatever teenage drama they had over 13 years ago. I know hits are hits, but this is unnecessary.
  12. I think billy gets too much slack here tbh. He's an industry name who has worked with top acts, and worked with britney for atleast 2 years in 2012/2013, and he's putting his career on the line tbh. Whether or not hes talking to britney everyday is slightly irrelevant because in the end, even if its proven that he doesnt talk to britney, its not costing her anything, compared to legal teams she never hired. He posts documents and has no issue calling out TMZ publically.
  13. That's only true since the conservatorship came in and interviews were rigorously screened, or its something she doesnt want to do.
  14. Taylor Swift's Team is comprised of family and long time friends with deep and personal relationships. Gaga, her manager and her entire team have incredible personal and professional relationships. ...and both prove that, at events, interviews, behind the scenes, stories and posts. Why am I saying this? Can someone show me a photo or video of britney with her team who insist that britney doesnt want them out, where they look like they're happy? I cant find one.
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