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  1. Hey @Jordan Miller, this video is so cute! It's kinda bittersweet in retrospect being where we are now compared to where we were, for better or for worse! I'd love to know a few things, if you can answer! In retrospect, did the rehearsals differ from the final production? We all have our theories about britney killing rehearsals but thinking more about her live performance, when an audience is present, so I'd love to know were there changes in britney herself? Did she perform any differently to the performances the fans saw? Were the any additional costumes or changes? I'm a costume nerd and would love to know this! Did was it a completed nonstop run through or a sneak preview rehearsal, that stopped and started? Also, now that the vocals stuff is a bit more transparent, do you remember if she sounded different? I always believed the shows you saw and other top list press people saw were live, and they used the mastered livetrack from those dates in the run of the tour! Would love to know how different your expirience with team b has been through the years too, particularly with freakshow!
  2. What are you defining as Taylor's peak? I mean 1989 had number one singles, and became the awarded pop album ever. Reputation had over 1M sales,two number one singles, her biggest radio hit and the most successful female tour in history. Folklore was met with unwavering critical acclaim, being recognised as her most ambitious, and mature project to date and huge sales, and was followed up with an equally critically acclaimed sister album months later, both of which debuted at number one and had number one singles. Like, if you wanna shade willow, go ahead but Katy hasnt been as successful as fans would make her out to be, and has been declining since 2014. Witness has met with ho-hum sales and reviews. In 2020, she released an album that recieved a full promo plan and releases 5 additional covers and still only sold a 20th of what taylor did, and had meh reviews. I mean honestly, Katy has had one era that did incredible. Taylor has had a career.
  3. The overlap between trump supporters, homophobes who said "no evidence of a hate crime" in regards to Matthew camp, and anonymous idiots who think their brave insulting a 17 year old on a forum is staggering.
  4. See that's the thing. You clearly recognise that a relationship can be romantic Or ***ual A ***ual relationship does not equal a romantic one. Openness is key.
  5. Okay first things first, someone went out of their way to buy gasoline, find his address, travel to his house and burn it down. Someone clearly targeted him for a reason. If it were a mindless crime, it wouldnt go this far. He hasnt called it a hate crime, he called it an apparent hate crime. The USA has seen a rise in far right attacks, as well as an anti-*** work movement, funded by evangelicals in the past month alone; that should set off alarm bells. Whats with all the santanist stuff?
  6. I do think Jason spoke out, and he said something along the lines of she's completely capable of caring for herself.
  7. The fact that there is supposedly a video of one of the most famous women in the world's boyfriends at a club flirting with other women and no one at all recognised him, that never leaked because Jamie bought the video and stopped TMZ, a tabloid rag, from sharing it is one of the most unbelievable stories ever. We have had albums, perfumes, tour props, music videos, costumes, demos, producers, choreographers, etc etc. leak and they're all under lock and key, signed with nda's or only available to those directly involved. Even though David was just an everyday kinda guy, are you seriously telling me that in a club full of women and men, no one at all recognised him? Other than a TMZ photographer who just happened to be there? The fact that this narrative paints Jamie in a flawless light; the man who saved his daughter from a 'cheater', saved her from public ridicule etc. even though this man wouldn't even give her the chance to legally represent herself? and even after all of this, David STILL went out and defended Britney, saying she shouldn't be in a conservatorship?! Yeah, the moment on stage was cute, but lets not pretend that this is shady as ****. Britney and David were clearly planning something Jamie didn't like, and he needed him out.
  8. Jamie Lynn clearly cannot drive and is a danger to others. She is causing others harm, both psychologically and potentially physically, and has admitted to being a danger to animals. She, therefore, should be under a conservatorship, and her father should over see it, alongside Lou Taylor who she has a healthy relationship with. Given the above, she clearly does not have the capacity to choose her own representation and therefore, should be given court appointed council. Finally, she clearly cannot represent herself either in court for the above the stated reasoning. Oh. does my comment not make sense? How could I make such an uniformed and unprofessional serious of statements? Its almost like her sisters is equally unsensical. All of this is my opinion.
  9. As much as I love Gaga, what did Azealia expect buying Merch? Of course it wasnt going to be super luxurious. Also, why did she buy so much?!
  10. Are we honestly expecting this to be a groundbreaking work? Literally all of Scooter Braun's acts are releasing half baked "tell all" documentaries since Taylor did Miss American; I mean, Justin Bieber literally had a youtube doc for Changes to talk about how he "changed". She's not going to go into depth. Itll be filled with vague kitchen decoration quotes about "living and loving". If it comes to a heavy topic, she'll respond with something like; "There were times...when some people....felt ways...both good and bad....about my different situations....and we have to grow" I mean, we all know it was drug related situation and an addiction situation, but her "comeback song" was about turning to alcohol because alcohol addiction is "easier" to accept than drug. Her fan base hasnt evolved nor has she tried to evolve her music. Shes not going to do a tell all on her overdose and recovery for her teenage fans.
  11. Does anyone else remember the rumour that Britney was recording a cover of a song in 2016 for a pokemon anniversary?
  12. As of now, Impeachment means absolutely nothing to Trump and his supporters if it is not followed up with a trial, and that would require at least 17 republicans to do the right thing. Trump, ultimately, needs his ability to enter politics removed; he is not only unfit to govern, he's far too dangerous, and narcissistic. Impeachment without a trial will do nothing, other than embolden his base once again; even though its a stain on his name, if there's no REAL consequence, he'll tell his supporters 'he won! they lost!' and that's all they'll hear.
  13. I really wanna know who made that metallic dress?! that was a SEEEEEEEERVEEEEEE!!!
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