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  1. Honestly, look at how Lou Taylor handled the Defamation Case, and how that went; it was an absolute nightmare for Team Britney because they nearly faced being exposed. They are probably ITCHING to shut down this podcast; its the reason this movement has been going for a 16 months! Everything they say in their podcast is either factually correct; meaning Team B can't legally call it defamation (that's why they didn't shut them down immediately), or opinion-based, once again, they can't be shut for their opinions. I honestly think the Gals know that they have to thread carefully, because one slip up and its a courtcase against them, and lets be real, we have had no real update since the last podcast; they're waiting until Team B makes a move.
  2. Britney didnt sound bad on S&M, personally I think it's a relative raw untreated vocal for what we got in 2011. Myah happened because her team jumped on a bandwagon of EDM, and expected Britney to record, promote, rehearse and give up family time. Its clear she refused and Myah was brought in under a strict NDA.
  3. I guess its like damage control for an issue that doesn't exist, but also acts as promo? In the end, Britney singing live would be ''attacked'' by people who aren't fans because lipsyncing is her brand and her team want to control her brand, and when she does sing live, its nearly national news?
  4. As much as we're not heaving her micfeed for the entire show, it kinda makes me sad knowing that she wasn't lying about singing live, but her team went out of there way to turn off the microphone.
  5. Im so torn! I LIVVVVVE for the live vocals, but I do miss the instrumentation of the Japan ones! It made it a little funkier!
  6. In all honesty, both of those projects started as urban and r'n'b inspired projects; FF was literally put together in six months, with the exception of tracks she recorded in 2009 for the singles collection, and so many producers came out to say they were on BJ, before Will.u.not was made EP.
  7. I'm not going to defend Shane; he's being criticised correctly but Tati is being incredibly opportunistic using this week as a time to bandwagon. She made it clear she has a legal team, started talking about god, and then said she was an assault victim... ...and then, went on to say Shane manipulated her to badmouth James? even though all her expiriences with James Charles happened with her? Why didn't this come out last year? When she filmed her first video and then her apology? I do think YouTubers and Internet Celebrities are facing something no one really has and that's accountability for ignorant things they didnt think through, I mean, it's not like anyone who followed Shane at any moment in time didnt know about his videos, but I dont think Tati is as innocent as she's pretending to be. She's a grown *** woman instigating dumb dated feuds to stay relevant.
  8. It just didn't work out.... ....because the gym was burned down.
  9. Danja Tweeted what appear to be song titles for Britney's tenth studio album. They include: You may recall he Tweeted the title "Welcome to the jungle" in February 2019. It seems he worked on seven to eight songs quite late in the game, too. Related:
  10. I am not a Beyonce fan; I do think she is overrated when it comes to artistry, writing credits, proudction credits etc. but if Beyonce is being hurt for literally releasing music about being black, then I think that should make us look at the greater context; she is risking her own career to make a point. That should be admired. I always disliked that Beyonce kinda bandwagonned on certain issues but not actually make statements herself, but that's what she's doing now. Props where props are due.
  11. They don't sound alike though. Any similarities they have are because of the genre. You're responding to everyone who says they cant hear it or they like the album with shade; it ain't cute Also, I didn't come at you; the gaga v madonna thing is 9 years old and tired, and they've both gotten over it. So should you.
  12. If it happens, it'll be a cookie cutter collab that madonna doesnt care about it other than sales. I could actually see her saying no because certain songs sound a tad familiar, particularly Hallucinate and Impressive Instant.
  13. Dont play dumb, all your responses are "madonna is better than Gaga". You are trying to brind up the Madonna Gaga feud, and trying to start fan drama by comparing these songs. Its tired.
  14. They sound alike because there's a pulsing synth, it's a feature in dance music from the 90's, such as "Show Me Love", "Free from Desire" etc. The source of inspiration is the same; 90s Dance Music. Stop trying to further this tired subject.
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