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  1. Anyone, literally anyone, could've come up with that, there's nothing there that makes it sound reliable, so yeah I'm not believing
  2. Absolutely, being part of a minority doesn't make you an angel. There are soooo many examples of gay men being sexist, racists, classist and even lgbtphobic. No one can feel like they are excluded from this narrative, we all need to pay attention to the way we behave and think and try to fix all those toxic ideas.
  3. I read somewhere that Sawayama is like a mixture of Britney and Evanescence and I can totally see that! What I find really interesting about her is that her music is so diverse and yet the album sounds absolutely cohesive. I don't know, I just lover her so much and it's refreshing to see a not-so-mainstream artist who doesn't reject pop music and doesn't think that she's too good for it
  4. Ever since they were on the x factor their relationship seemed incredibly forced, like, how did they expect us to believe that they were best friends when they auditioned separately and were put together by the show? After that it seems like things just got worse, I never got the vibe that they had some sort of bond, which is very important when you're making music together.
  5. Guys, we're not in the 90s anymore, the world has changed and so has the way the music industry works. Billboard's formula is not unfair as some of you are saying, it has just been adapted to the new times. People don't buy music anymore, streaming has become the biggest form of music consumption and in my opinion it's only fair that the charts reflect that A song that's been available for 4 years pulling these numbers is INCREDIBLY impressive, it shows that she still has a loyal fanbase which is willing to buy stuff from her, even if it's just old songs, just be happy about that!
  6. I'm so glad she included this version in the album, even if it's as a bonus track, because she shines when she's alone with a piano. She's such a versatile singer, she can make magic both with a fully produced bop and with a stripped down raw ballad. I feel sorry for the people who keep denying her talent but I guess it's easier for them to be stuck in the 2011 fandom dramas
  7. MNEK is one of my favourite singers, not only does he release great music but he has also produced for several well-known artists! He's so talented and you should check out his debut album Language because it's full of bops
  8. Pop is such a wide term, it doesn't just refer to what Katy Perry does. I haven't paid much attention to her but from what I've heard I would consider her a pop artist, even if her sound is a little bit more experimental, and there's nothing wrong with that. I kinda understand what she's saying and I agree with some people in this thread, sometimes artists are put in a box based on their image and their race and not their music, but I get the impression that Billie is saying this because she doesn't enjoy the idea of being called a pop artist because "she's different and not like the other girls". I may be wrong because I don't know her, but that's just the vibe that I get.
  9. It's what she deserves Like, no shade but to come back into the competition cosplaying Britney when your main struggle the last time you were there was to come out of the Britney box was not the best idea, it gave the impression that she didn't have anything new to show. Besides, her performance was the weakest for me, Mayhem at least was entertaining for 10 seconds, which is more than what Derrick can say, so I do agree with the outcome of the episode
  10. I think it's fantastic that he's an ally and I love that he's not a stereotipical overly-masculine singer like a 98% of reggeaton artists, but it frustrates me how people decide to acknowledge him as a queer icon when there are soooo many queer artists that no one pays attention to. It sucks that the public is only willing to pay attention to our struggles when they're highlighted by a straight cis man and refuse to listen to us telling our own stories.
  11. I would say it was because of her talent and because she was the voice of those who felt marginalised by society. For example, from a queer's perspective, it was refreshing to see a popstar actually be involved in the lgbt movement beyond the usual "i love my gay fans xoxo", she was a real activist in the same way that Madonna was, that's part of the reason why they were constantly compared.
  12. MNEK deserves to be mentioned too, his debut album is amazing and he's incredibly prolific as a songwriter and producer for other artists
  13. She's never gonna make it unless she stops working with Dr. Luke. I mean, I personally don't feel comfortable listening to her knowing that part of the revenue of those streams is gonna go to that man's pocket, and I'm sure that many people feel that way too.
  14. Bop after bop after bop, the funny thing is that the only song which is a bit lackluster is the lead single which was heavily promoted on the radio, but if we ignore its existence the rest of the album is brilliant
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