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  1. both spotify and Apple music have great quality sound. the thing is that after a certain point you need really top notch headphones to be able to hear the difference. I prefer to have more options in my streaming service rather than CRAZY quality.
  2. No not really. Unless it's a huge lie that goes globally viral. which will never happen in the case of Britney Spears' father.
  3. Yes. even if it is true and she hasn't seen her kids, at the end of the day it will all turn out good for her. she just needs to have some courage and fight back more than ever.
  4. Ok? we knew it already lmao. He just jumps on every opportunity to show himself as an insider. It's kinda sad.
  5. it's her handwriting without a doubt. and DailyMail confirmed that it's her. #FreeBritney RIGHT NOW
  6. Arya has been doing things in all of the seasons how is that a spoiler
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