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  1. It literally says she's been active 20 minutes ago
  2. oh wow She didn't have to snap like this
  3. Welcome back, Lilith We didn't miss you
  4. No she shouldn't. and she wouldn't because she doesn't really care. Her team might post something vague just to shut people up, but I think even that is a mistake.No one expects anything from Britney Spears, she has barely spoken about politics in her entire career. her public image should remain like that.
  5. I really wish Mood Ring was released with better timing
  6. No you're absolutely right though, that was very insensitive considering everything that's going on. edited.
  7. Right? I mean I tried to laugh it out but the fact that this is actually happening is beyond scary and tragic.
  8. What does it matter if Britney isn't going to get a single penny from making those costumes iconic? #BurnTheZoneDown
  9. This is absurd, you do know that she has recorded tens of videos since "2008" She didn't have any problem recording Slumber Party's music video
  10. That 4 year old song is a great song which deserves more recognition. and it also is currently #1 on iTunes
  11. Okay? He's teasing us. he won't post an actual still from the video less than 24 hours after he was "hired" (if he is telling the truth)
  12. Not people saying "it's cute" or "it gives her personality" She has one of the most beautiful set of teeth in the world, she should fix them
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