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  1. Probably from smoking? Idk. I definitely hear the changes, but the infliction is still the same haha.
  2. I believe similarly to Jordan, where there’s a separate private account or something where Britney posts pictures with captions and a team of people (or a social media manager) decides which posts to go up or approves her posts. That’s why there are rumors of her having “secret messages” in her posts. She asks us in the post: “while you’re at it, WATCH BIG EYES.” SHE is telling us to watch Big Eyes (which is a movie about a woman who is an artist and her husband takes all the credit for her art and all of her money... she is silenced about her art and cannot explain to the public where her inspiration comes from). I think she was trying to get the message across that this is happening to her.
  3. Exactly; I’m not a conspiracy theorist and I don’t like all the “call 911” or wear yellow stuff, but I really felt like Britney asked us to watch Big Eyes in her post about the film and so I did and happened to notice this painting. I’m a facial painter myself (and have done a ton of Britney portraits) , so maybe that’s the only reason why it intrigued me. It absolutely looks like her. And Brit loves this aesthetic it seems. Thanks for agreeing though!!
  4. Is this not so freaking WEIRD?! I mean, it’s about a humble, small town woman who is a brilliant artist and her husband takes all the credit and money. It’s really weird. Definitely worth watching!!
  5. I edited with the actual link bc it didn’t let me upload. I’m on my phone? Maybe that’s why. Idk haha.
  6. Just watched Big Eyes (definitely her explaining her situation 100%) but as I was watching, I saw this painting on the left.... IT HAS TO BE BRITNEY. I’m shoooook. (Found a link that worked!!)
  7. Okay wait but for real. Everyone has been saying “let Britney speak” “we want to hear from Britney” “Britney needs to speak up!” and when you open the IGTV it says “what can I say...” but her caption is like a ton of random weird stuff that makes zero sense (almost like it’s obvious....?) am I reading too much into this? Yeah. Ok.
  8. Omg she wrapped herself in aluminum foil.... conspiracy..... tin hat. Y’all. 😜
  9. I mean, maybe I’m over analyzing this, but it’s interesting that they happen to want to speak on it NOW when the #freebritney movement has gone mainstream and people are catching wind of the corruption. I think they’re all for themselves and want to save face for when Britney is freed and all of the sudden they’re the bad guys... they want to look innocent. (Not sure about Lynne yet though.)
  10. It ended. @freebritneyla doing updates... Jamie turned in the report yesterday, judge is reviewing it.
  11. Wyle, ingham, and Cohen attended virtually... Lynne was scheduled to appear.... but didn’t.......? 🧐
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