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  1. BIITCH I'm dead What if this background music is her new song? I want to believe tbh
  2. Also... yesterday there was a thread full of Exhalers seemingly quitting on Britney after one average tour date and a couple of minutes after she posted 5 seconds long Insta story there is already 10 pages of you all dying for it? Britney army is the messiest fanbase, I swear. But I guess I should be used to it - this always happens right after she puts out anything new out, then all of those fake haters swarm back,
  3. It looks better than any music video released this year, so it actually is a very exciting thing. This is literally me after 5 seconds of this story:
  4. TheCharmedTributes1

    tour A new M&G look from today. She looks FLAWLESS

    Oh my f**king god, this is the M&G worth paying. This girl is lucky. I'd frame this and reprint it and put it all over my house and social media
  5. TheCharmedTributes1

    tour The Official Britney Spears 'Piece Of Me' Tour Thread - July 13

    This, she's just very nervous and probably wants the interviews to go by as fast as they can, so she just says things without thinking twice.
  6. TheCharmedTributes1

    Did anyone else notice this?

    We all thought she was doing nothing past months and in fact she was giving us all this promo hidden in her Instagram photos omg Queen of outsmarting her fanbase