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  1. 4 minutes ago, timito said:

    It would be such a shame if they waste it only as melody for the add. But I think that’s the only thing it’s part of :/

    Sorry I wrote “was” instead of “is”... I mean: could this be a teaser for her new single?

  2. 14 hours ago, KieranAnti said:

    I'm going to the O2 26th date, has anyone got their tickets yet? They said all tickets have been dispatched:rlynow:

    I didn't receive the tickets (Aug 25)... Not even an e-mail announcing me that ticket were printed!

    I'm kinda worried at this point because I'm form Italy and they cannot send em to me 5 days before!

  3. 1 minute ago, Stannedforever said:

    :mcwave:I think glory is surprisingly fresh but i hate the 808-ridden beats. It's not just Britney  but literally any pop song in past few years is nothing but distorted 808-drum. Glory is still my favorite album because of the vocals :sendinglove:

    Well... Glory is not very 808... I mean... Make Me has not 808... CLUMSY does... but it's really maybe the only one, amarite? 

  4. Some people over here use to say that Glory aged like cheese and FF is still fresh...
    I could not disagree more tbh... I feel like FF's songs are very very 2011  (like 808) and doesn't sound fresh at all!
    Obviously there are some gems!

    Glory is so much more sophisticated and fine (with exceptions) and everytime you listen to a song you can hear a new sound
    that makes it even more interesting!

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  5. You guys need to watch “I am the Femme Fatale” before saying that 2018ney looks like FFney... 

    This interview is completely FINE! She’s hot and awake! She’s just bored, but she tries not to show it!

    Who cares about the hair! C’mon! It’s Britney bitch!

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  6. Womanizer vs Invitation
    Circus vs Do You Wanna Come Over?
    Out from Under vs Make Me...
    Kill the Lights vs Private Show
    Shattered Glass vs Man On The Moon
    If U Seek Amy vs Just Luv Me
    Unusual You vs Clumsy
    Blur vs Slumber Party
    Mmm Papi vs Just like Me
    Mannequin vs Love me Down
    Lace and Leather vs Hard to Forget Ya
    My Baby vs What You Need
    Radar vs Better
    Rock Boy vs Change your Mind
    Amnesia vs Liar
    Rock Me In vs If I'm Dancing
    Phonography vs Coupure Électrique
    Trouble vs Mood Ring


    GLORY 11 vs CIRCUS 7