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    exhale I want a Britney & Flume album

    Not bad at all tbh.
  2. sibode

    exhale Britney misheard lyrics

    WORK BITCH. I always hear "Long c*ck in a bikini"
  3. sibode

    rumor Britney tea

    IF this song is still a thing, she won’t do a sh!t to promote it! It’ll be just like Tom’s Diner. (so fun how random would be this song with Pitbull... WHY Pitbull? His time has been like 5-10 years ago!)
  4. OMG I cannot watch her during the X Factor era... it’s so painful to watch. I guess she was under heavy medications or something because she’s just not there. She doesn’t want to be there... Just like FFney. I watched just 2 episodes of X Factor because it made me too sad
  5. The “Loose Women” interview is so underrated... she was beautiful, fun and natural... was just kinda bored because there were just oldies...