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  1. The track is a remix of an old Italian song (1956) by Renato Carosone "Tu vuoò fa' l'americano" (You wanna act like an American) and she used the fragment of it which says "How can you understand who loves you if you cannot speak American?" Do this help?
  2. I really don't think she's gonna retire anyways.... We saw after 2008 she's been losing her passion year after year... But you can tell she was really having fun during 2016/2017 and before 2008 she developed BLACKOUT and we got the M+M's Tour! I know that was a century ago and she was around 25 at the time, but I think she really likes her job, but HER WAY! Anyway guys... The important thing is her to be FREE to decide for her own life.
  3. I manage an Instagram page with 216.000+ followers in Italy (part of my job) and yesterday I wanted to do a post about Britney's situation and I wanted to share to y'all! This needs to be shared! GO CALL THE POLICE! GO CALL THE GOVERNOR!
  4. Say what y'all want, but this song is pure magic! Her voice is sublime!! If only we got the "final" version!
  5. In my opinion SHE IS! With Marilyn Monroe is the most human celebrity
  6. I changed the title, sorry! It's just that I am super excited bout it and I wanna hear your thoughts
  7. I was scrolling the IG Stories when I saw Danja's from yesterday! They go like "it's official", "I have BLACKED OUT all the way". My God guys I think B10 is really on its way this time! https://www.instagram.com/stories/theonlydanja/2347817672506218071/ https://www.instagram.com/stories/theonlydanja/2347817914114886656/ Then... If we REALLY wanna see complicated hints, he posted this images of Goku from Dragon Ball. I searched on Google and here he is Super Sayajin GOD!... It's the return of GODney? Is the album gonna be called GODNEY? (her kids used to love Dragon Ball) WHAT YOU THINK??
  8. Hope for Danja and BURNS! But what you guys would think about the Sofi Tukker? I LOVE their sound!
  9. OMG I won't ever forgive them for this after the LaChapelle's cover art
  10. I think she's awesome in this video and this is one of her most underrated songs ever
  11. The problem is that LaChapelle said the recordings still not finished, so we don't have all the scenes needed. He said that wasn't the real plot and the video as he thought and it'll be impossible to have the finished thing, unless they pay him to do a new editing with the scenes he got.
  12. I HONESTLY think the one we got is the best version... The 1st one it's kinda a mess and something we've all already heard, the 2nd it's so cold... too much clubbish. The one we got is unusual and deep and it really goes inside of your body. It's more intimate.
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