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  1. Its LoUoououou's laugh, not BritnEeEy. This basically CoNfirMS that Sam is supporting LoUoou, cause they are driving togetherrrrrr!!!! lets all hate Sam now!!!! There ya go.
  2. Where is the original social media post of this photo?
  3. Yes it is. You are reaching honey. Again, give me one good reason why ‘her team would edit’ those pictures so randomly.
  4. Anyway, can you give me one very good reason why you think her team would do this? Its nonsense Those are just -low quality- pictures. If you zoom in like that, shapes will look weird.
  5. ? There is nothing ‘weird’ to see if you ask me. edit: oh, now i see
  6. Fake. I think they used promotial photos from the prerogative perfume.
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