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  1. To give you a short answer: Britney doesnt care anymore. Its just a way for her to keep having fun in what she used to do and to keep making money. She’s not hungry to grow as an artist or entartainer, and she doesnt care about being a number one popstar. You can tell that in everything she does. With this never ending POM show she can continue to have fun in what she used to do and earn MASSIVE money.


    And thats a shame, because she is ruining her legacy and its starting to get very embarassing. Fans need to realise that and stop having high expactations. Its done with Britney. She made that choice a while ago. Her career officialy died back in 2013 when she started with POM.


    She is no Madonna and no Michael Jackson. And thats a good thing, cause it would have killed her #2007. Its good to see she find her way and that she is in a good place, but its sad to know that she’s just a shadow of her old self and that she is killing her legendary status.

    I’m a big fan since ‘98, but im really starting to loose my interest. I realise im not even excited anymore for a possible new single, cause it looks like she doesnt care either. And thats bad. :tifftear:

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  2. 4 hours ago, The Greatest Show said:

    I actually think the LM hair looked fine in the video and pictures because it was a role. But when she wore it in real life it was terrible.




    Yeah I actually had about 6 more categories and buns and up dos were one of them but I thought it would be too much

    Loved this look



    I also had 1 for her Gwen Stefani Hair


    When did she wore that lady marmalade hairstyle in real life?

  3. 4 hours ago, NewDisplayName said:

    What longevity? Her name is forgotten long ago.. :tehe:

    Songs, performances, personas are remebered 

    Still, people know Christina Aguilera. Just like they know Britney. You can say and think whatever you want, but Christina Aguilera is also an icon at some level. She can perform untill she's 60 or whatever, cause she has the VOICE.


    Britney had a career because of her LOOKS. I dont see Britney performing when she 50/60 years. :embarrassed:

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  4. 24 minutes ago, Trentals said:


    Thats never gonna happen unless she wants to stop. She’s not Xtina. She’s always going to have people rooting for her.

    Yall act like she’s the biggest flop ever. Glory outsold Dangerous Woman WW, both released in the same year, yet everyone praises Ari. BJ and Glory both charted Top 5 and over 100k.

    Britney’s last two eras have given us a top 20 platinum single, plus a further top 100 single. Xtina hasn’t even a top 100 hit this era, even with a Demi feature. 

    Like, c’mon.

    Why bring up Xtina? :nicki2: