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  1. Yes, I was 20. Been a fan since 1998, have seen the Oops tour and The Onyx Hotel Tour here in the Netherlands. We even left earlier during the FF tour, avoiding all the crowd when going home.
  2. JKW

    tour New outtake

    I like it.
  3. All i do know is that i really dislike the oops remix in POM
  4. Why? She knows fans have seen the ‘who is it’ clips on instagram, and (most) fans know she hears the joke every show.
  5. JKW

    Does anyone play Fortnite?

    yes but i suck with it, lol
  6. I have a feeling she is soooo done with this tour.
  7. JKW

    news Work Bitch will be in Just Dance 2019?

    .....And poeple say Work Bitch flopped and didnt had any impact.
  8. Its never too early to introduce Britney to your baby.