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  1. Well Celine is very exciting these days
  2. I always felt that she is the Marilyn Monroe of our generation.
  3. Except that Maluma is world famous because of her
  4. I actually love Celine, she was my introduction to the world of divas, but even i was suprised at this. I guess her new fashionista persona and the gender neutral clothing line for babies has made her more of an icon to the rest of my people?
  5. Hold up. Britney wasn't even Madonna original pick for that opening of the VMAs that year. And she defended Britney multiple times. From the time Britney just started out, beyond the breakdown, right up to this day. Britney used Madonna to get MATM released as the lead single
  6. Why have the gays abandoned Mariah? https://www.gaytimes.co.uk/culture/87169/vote-ultimate-queen-pop-find-results/
  7. I found it so irratating that she scraped appearances in my favorite series (Buffy, Dawson's Creek and Sex and the City) but ended up in crap like Sabrina and the Famous Jett Jackson (may he rest in peace). Atleast she did the simpsons...
  8. What a time to be queerwhen we are so blessed that we can start dismissing our straight allies. How quickly we forget that Madonna stood by us, hugging dying AIDS patients when even their partners were afraid to, during a time when the AIDs crisis was referred to as the "Gay Cancer" and Gods punishment on us so anyone even affiliated with us would be struck down by it. And FYI... Saying Madonna (who btw does in fact write her own music) is a user when you just got your first major headline purely because you used her name is pretty f**king ironic
  9. Back in the day, when Sometimes was released, i can remember everyone saying "oh wow she can actually sing" so yeah, besides being catchy af, it was a much needed showcase for her then impressive voice. And even today, friends will ask me to play that song, out of all her songs for them. So please check yourself before you check Sometimes
  10. https://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/music/a24109976/britney-spears-top-30-songs-ranked/ Do you agree? Im sorry but Stronger, Baby and Break The Ice are way too low for my liking
  11. I didn't like Toxic and If You Seek Amy at first took me years actually to get into it.
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