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  1. The outfits will be different in color
  2. BritneysBitch82

    socialney Remix her eras

    Lol its supposed to be hard. Forcing you to choose the best of the best
  3. BritneysBitch82

    poll What is the most hated Britney song?

    Errr.. Pretty Girls, Scream and shout, radar
  4. BritneysBitch82

    socialney Remix her eras

    Lets pretend you could go back in time and alter the eras slightly. You can choose ONLY 3 singles per album. Which would you choose, and in which order? Also, I've noticed that, with the exception of Baby, Oops and Circus, she often takes her album titles from some obscure source so you can actually rename the album based on whatever song from that era.