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  1. BritneysBitch82

    music When did you first become a Britney fan?

    Since 99 lol. Everyone at my high school thought Xtina was the better of the two and I've always been that person who defends the underdog so I took her side alot. And then I saw the music for You Drive Me Crazy... The amount of kinetic energy she put into her choreography and sexiness... Was everything this little gay boy wish he had for himself. And emulating her in my bedroom kind of gave me that confidence (atleast when i was Britney) it got cemented by the second album when I saw the Stronger video which is still my favorite. Of course 07 took my defensiveness to a whole new level (ironically i was in college then so it wasnt teens i was defending her from, it was young adults and lecturers). And today, as things are getting crazy again, I find myself defending her to my work colleagues.