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  1. Since we are basically stuck in purgatory hell here with no Britney news and no idea when there ever will be again, I've got a bizarre hypothetical scenario for you. Just please ignore all creepy #ageofconsent undertones and focus solely on the intended situation. Picture this... You're standing in line for a Meet & Greet with B. Spears (bare with me) since you are the winner of a VIP ticket to her One Night Only concert. You reach the front and a man ushers you into the room. As you walk up to Britney, she stares intensely at you. You greet and she asks you all sorts of personal questions like your age, your health, your trip, family, life, ect while a shamanic looking photographer prepares the camera. After an enthusiastic nod from Britney, the photo is snapped. The pure light blinds you for a second and as your vision returns, it seems as if you were standing in a different spot for a second. As if you were next to yourself. You shake it off and as you walk away she whispers "I hope you enjoy the show, if you don't, please forgive me." but you barely respond because youre suddenly very drowsy. The show is a blur and you cant even remember getting back to the hotel before blacking out completely. You wake up the next morning to a phone ringing. You pick it up and thats when you notice that your room is completely different. But you're suddenly more distracted by the voice on the other end of the line. It's like listening to a voicenote of yourself. The voice introduces itself as Britney and as slowly and gently as possible tries to convince you that the two of you have switched bodies. She apologizes for doing it without your permission first and says that you may decide for yourself if you want to reverse the exchange or continue in this way. It's at this point you realize that you have a dice and lips tattooed on your arms, arms which you know aren't yours. (if you were a guy, this is when you notice you suddenly have breasts and you no longer need to constantly adjust your d!ck because you no longer have one).You hang up, speechless, and walk over to a mirror and there, reflected, stands Britney Jean Spears. It feels like one of her Instagram videos only she matches every move you make and every GIF worthy facial expression you pull. As you are striking your best "now watch me" pose, Larry along with your original body, as promised on the phone, knocks on the door. They are here to fill in the details of this arrangement. Youve been monitored by Cappy for a year. Your life, your health, your stability and you were deemed eligible and thats how you won the ticket. And now You get to be a superstar and Britney gets to be normal person. For exactly one year. you will "hire" her/you as an au pair for her kids. The only parties aware of this are Britney, Larry, her kids, the shaman and your assistant and probably the Illuminati. There are rules with regards to what you can and cannot do as Britney (mostly involving sexual relationships but also entering into legally binding contracts without Larrys permission) but other than that, your pretty much allowed to go Yolo (no Cship in this reality) as long as you call Britney first but you soon realize that Britney is down for pretty much whatever. WHAT DO YOU DO? Plan an era? Get into a dance studio? Hire a vocal coach? Book a recording studio? Go on cruise?Visit Madonna or Miley? Make a movie? Get your hands on Rebellion?
  2. BritneysBitch82

    music Britney Disney Princess

    Lol me too. Sadly it's too perfect
  3. BritneysBitch82

    music Britney Spears' albums on vinyls

    I was actually wondering if its worth it continuing on with my hobbies which include cds and dvds. But as you said this is harmful to the environment, takes up lots of space and its also going out of style. I believe Samsung has already stopped making blu ray players since streaming became popular. Still nothing beats having tangible representations of my interests. Plus they come with extras that wouldnt normally be found on just the standard digital version. IE booklet for cds and bonus features and director commentary for dvds/blu rays. no idea what to do
  4. BritneysBitch82

    exhale Unused Britney Spears game concept

    Ive heard of that one. Didn't play it. What was the set up?
  5. BritneysBitch82

    exhale Unused Britney Spears game concept

    Lmfao I would have played this
  6. BritneysBitch82

    exhale Unused Britney Spears game concept

    Lol yeah its kinda hilarious. Btw your profile piclmao Eric and Triton?
  7. BritneysBitch82

    video If it makes you happy

    Lol its a Best Of. I also love Leaving Las Vegas, Run Baby, Everyday Is A Winding Road, Strong Enough and First Cut Is The Deepest
  8. BritneysBitch82

    video If it makes you happy

    I knew of the song but I actually went and bought a Sheryl Crow cd because of it. That chick has some really great songs
  9. Just found out about this game which never got made. What do you think? A good time? A cell phone game created by Qplaze-RME and Sony BMG titled "Adventures of Britney Spears" was announced in December 2005 but was never released. Images of the game were released along with the game's press release. A 10 second video of it was also released but can no longer be found. Qplaze - RME presents java game "Adventures of Britney Spears" A new joint project from "Qplaze-RME" and "Sony BMG". Help a beginning signer, Britney, to conquer a complicated world of show business by collecting all her Grammy Awards and thus having her name engraved on the Alley of Stars. It's not easy to do. For all those who are called unlucky envy her and try to prevent her from achieving her goal. Old housewives are just against everything new, punks just don't like pop music. Of course, there are fans but they are more harmful than useful: they are in the way all the time and try to cut a piece of Britney's clothes with scissors. And the omnipresent paparazzi strive to dazzle the singer with flash bulbs. But it is well known that if you see your aim and try to reach it, obstacles are nothing! Go ahead, show business is not too frightening and Hollywood with its Alley of Stars is even closer than you can imagine! Game features: Control Britney and pass 15 levels (in a park, a city, a concert hall), collecting at each level one Grammy Award and thus have your name engraved on the Alley of Stars. - two kinds of weapon: stars and a deafening scream - seven different bonuses: - disks and microphones - to increase your score - grapes, ice-cream and bananas - to restore health - hearts - to increase the number of lives (primarily there are 3 of them) - glasses - a temporary bonus - to protect from the flash produced by paparazzi - Grammy Award - you have to find this statuette to pass the level - six different kinds of enemies: - old housewives hit with bags - homeless people approach and kick Britney - dogs bite - paparazzi take photos (and dazzle with a flash) - fans try to cut a piece of Britney's clothes with scissors to keep it in their collection - punks kick - and many other different things which either help or prevent you from reaching the end of the game...
  10. BritneysBitch82

    music Britney Disney Princess

    I wanted her to to Little Mermaid. Imagine Im Not Girl in place of Part Of That World. Work bitch in place of Poor Unfortunate Souls. Till the World Ends in place of Under The Sea and And Then We Kiss in place of Kiss The Girl.
  11. BritneysBitch82

    music For you, which Britney song you think is better than "Toxic"?

    How I Roll, Mona Lisa, Unsual You, Someday, Piece Of Me
  12. An underrated gem. Gorgeous song even better video
  13. BritneysBitch82

    other Just imagine...

    Her label could then use the opportunity to release her unreleased stuff officially. Perhaps do re releases of all her albums with bonus tracks. Or just an album full of unreleased material. I just dont trust them not to use Mya to polish the tracks up
  14. BritneysBitch82

    music The Underlying Darkness of "Femme Fatale"

    I wouldn't mind if she actually used the original meaning as a theme for the album. I mean, as others pointed out, the lyrics and videos definitely can seem a little twisted, but its too subtle. If she had gone the Blackout route and made it a man-hating rock-blues-jazz album that would have been so much more interesting than what we got.
  15. BritneysBitch82

    music The Underlying Darkness of "Femme Fatale"

    I mean some phrases and words have evolved and became almost entirely different from their original meanings. Gay, sick, cool, slay are just a few examples. Femme Fatale, in its original context, had negative connotations but by the time Britney used it (thanks to Buffy, Charlies Angels, Lara Croft, Catwoman and other fantasy women who were both alluring to men and able to protect themselves from unwanted advances) it had a far more acceptable appeal. I think that was the version Britney went with and her tour videos basically prove it.