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  1. What a stark difference, she looks nothing like used to in 2016/2018, I mean her weight and facial features, and how the hell did she undo all the plastic surgeries? Is this a clone from the Femme Fatale era??
  2. The last thing we need is help from this trash, if he speaks up the #FreeBritney campaign would lose all credibility.
  3. what a depressing thought, she could've done so much in these years to revive her career and rebuild her image.
  4. I'm torn between Thinkin About You and I Will Be There, both songs are flawless radio friendly and had the potential of being hits. I Will Be There would've been a safer choice from a record company standpoint since she sang that song in her commercial baby voice, plus it has that familiar bsb/in sync sound which is what Max Martin was known for at the time . Thinkin About You, however, would've been a bold choice and imo an amazing opportunity to showcase her true vocal skills, the song gives me summer vibes I feel like it could've been a summer hit.
  5. my bad, sorry for misconstruing your words, I love you too NPB, you know we go way back!!! Remember you designed my promotional campaign when I was running for mod. I miss those days, exhale used to be iconic, what happened??
  6. I forgot to include the back flips!!! too bad this messy site wont allow me to edit.
  7. She was 17, a baby, she had baby fat, she wasn't fat by any means lol. my point making this thread is to prove she was a seasoned performer and had a passion for dance from the start it was her choice to hold back a little on dancing so she could be able to sing without huffing and puffing, this goes to show she was passionate about singing just as much, if you watch bomt video rehearsals she went all out, the original choreo was just as complex and intricate as MATM and Slave, but she removed most of it to balance out singing and dancing, I wish she would implement this method again since she's in the best shape of her life and her voice is still intact, one can dream.
  8. Why is it that when I mention to people here Britney's performing skills during BOMT era they automatically think of the FF-esque halfassed performances, (which frankly I don't mind since she was fully singing live. Innocentney was a seasoned performer since her debut and served some high energy performances, busting her *** dancing and singing at the same time something your beloved overrated 2001 and ITZ were lacking. even when she held back on dancing she SERVED vocals. when she lip-synced she served choreo, giving ITZney a run for her money. and most importantly, she proved herself authentically without relying on gimmicks and shock value. how can you turn a blind eye to this slayage??? Plus why do I feel like the majority of this fan base consists of stereotypical "yaaaas" gays who only get their life from snakes skimpy outfits and hair flips .
  9. I think the songs should go in a chronological order to reflect her career since it's going to be her 20th anniversary, starting off with innocent bombney wearing conservative outfits and then gets sluttier and more provocative with each following era as the show progresses.
  10. Back then "before Beyonce invented them" prerecorded vocals weren't a thing, you either sing or lipsync, and Britney did just that during her prime 1999-2004 a little bit of both, while serving choreography, so there wasn't much to complain about as opposed to now where she flaps her arms and touches her *** awkwardly while lipsyncing everything including Sia's and Tinashe's vocals.
  11. I knew this was gonna be about the Trisha video reading the title lmao, the song gives me so much life, such a masterpiece. when I listened to it the first time the bridge had me gasping for air " there was a time I overdosed and I was lifted not by the ambulance, but by the holy ghost"
  12. ikr!! she almost looks like she did during 2011-2013 but in a good way, her natural beauty is starting to show again. just compare these recent pics from this month oct/nov to these pics from a few months back I actually posted a thread about this weeks ago that the joker mouth and fillers in her upper lip are starting to dissolve but no one believed me if she stays away from the fun stuff a few more months she'd look like her old self again minus the nose job which I don't mind tbqh.
  13. I refuse to believe that this is the work of a professional makeup artist, I've seen youtubers do a better job blindfolded. 31:30 her makeup has reached all-time low, not even FFT was this bad.
  14. I don't mind Keri or any female background singer as long as I can distinguish their voice from Britney's, but I'm not here for that Myah deceitful crap.
  15. better idea, Britney sings the national anthem and overshadows his opportunistic ***.
  16. the I agree, the energy is there, the choreo, however, is uninspired unchallenging and too restrictive, you can tell she's bored with it.
  17. Britney's career is far from done, she's arguably at her happiest/healthiest and fittest, her Instagram feed and positive mindset is literally goals, she seems to be enjoying her career as far as performing and I've never seen her more passionate about an album and its creative process than she was with Glory. and as far as being relevant, her recent album first week sales weren't as bad as you guys make them out to be, 100+ k is not bad in 2017 considering Katy Selena and Demi recent albums have sold around the number even less and the public still considers them relevant, Britney just doesn't want to play the game anymore, if she wanted to be relevant and all over the media like she was in her heyday she could and effortlessly, don't underestimate her star power.
  18. the irony with the schoolgirl look being eons better than her pom outfits, I'm done officially.
  19. I don't blame him if this is the case, half of this fandom checked out after the desert performance fiasco.
  20. why you gotta be cryptic Jordan?? if Janet and Britney are really getting together why can't you just be straight up and tell the truth???
  21. This performance is giving me life rn, how is this ***** 51
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