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  1. Till The World Ends vs Invitation
    Hold It Against Me vs Make Me...
    Inside Out vs Private Show
    I Wanna Go vs Man On The Moon
    How I Roll vs Just Luv Me
    (Drop Dead) Beautiful 
    vs Clumsy
    Seal It With A Kiss vs Do You Wanna Come Over?

    Big Fat Bass vs Slumber Party
    Trouble For Me vs Just Like Me
    Trip To Your Heart vs Love Me Down
    Gasoline vs Hard To Forget Ya
    Criminal vs What You Need
    Up N' Down vs Better
    He About To Lose Me vs Change Your Mind (difficult one :thinkney:)
    Selfish vs Liar
    Don't Keep Me Waiting vs If I'm Dancing
    Scary vs Coupure Électrique
    Unbroken vs Mood Ring

  2. 7 minutes ago, claug326 said:

    I'd rather it be for a streaming service or televised special. I have smart TVs and devices up the ass all over my house and only 1 room has a DVD player and even then it's through the PS4/Xbox...

    DVDs and even Blu-rays are dead in 2018

    I agree witchu :tiffanynod: