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  1. Well she’s at number 4 rn In the general chart, it’s a 4 years old album, so I think she was noticed that went number 1 in the pop chart
  2. How do you think was real? haha The body double was very more fit than Britney that year and era... so it was obvious. I think it was a fun sketch, I mean no singer would do something like that, so it was something different I really think things like this exposed how easy is to make this kind of reality shows looks true when it's clearly unreal and dangerous
  3. It’s kinda normal of rp to do things like this, last time even britney participated in “what do you mean?” counting release
  4. It was next year April fool from this one.
  5. She's against her c-ship but she recognize every good thing about it, not everything is black or white, we all know how toxic her "fans" can be, and now she doesn't give a **** about anyone, specially about people who doesn't know her and just speculate about her private life.
  6. I truly believe, Britney knows her situation and she never was force to do nothing against her will, I mean, what has she done after release a album? lack of promo, perfumes and that's it, its not like she was force to work 24/7 365 days a year... She really loves our money too, and even when she loves to sing and dance, she doesn't really like to perform the same show for more than 2 months, Britney see her job as what It is, a job. maybe she would prefer to hang out with her BF and her sons all the time but she can't spend all her money, after all, not only her father, relatives and team lives with her money, she lives a high life after all and her sons too... She and her boys could look humble with their southern look, but we don't know what is their life style and I know Britney keeps working for her, SP and JJ keep the way they lives as well without damage her patrimony
  7. Actually there are pics where he is taken photos at her too, so what's the problem? I would be down of my knees all day long with Sam.
  8. Paparazzis follow trends and polemics, rn Britney is kinda hot media gossip, so if they get some juice statement, pic, or anything from her they will sell it a very high price, so no, Taylor doesn't need to call them, they follow business opportunities.
  9. Love her actitud, hope she gets what she wants... I want a new "FTR" and know what she has got through since 10 years ago...
  10. Britney wasn't followed by the paps since 08/09 because she got a "boring" life not because C ship team paid them, now Brit has news to sell and is whats paps wants (Good or bad)
  11. He didn't lie, maybe he feels bad for the things he said about her after FF I like TTWE original choreo tho, it fits Britney perfectly
  12. Maybe if Micheal Jackson didn't ****, lie and promise him fame when he was a child, he wouldn't be so traumatized and being a fame *****. Britney cheated Justin, it wasn't right, and Justin cheated her too, and cheats to his wife now, so in Hollywood nobody is perfect, sad. I didn't watch this **** and didn't watch HBO documentary against mj, I don't know why anyone doubt Micheal was a pedophile, a trouble man who was sick because of his child abuse and he didn't mature properly...
  13. Her face looked very tragic, LaChapelle did nothing to borrow her facial expression's lines and her botox/surgery mistakes, and that's why they decided to scrapped the whole thing, the way David left her awkward moves it's like he pretend to make her looked bad, shooting fine, I don't know if I expressed myself correctly
  14. I love Britney and Jamie I just want to chillin' with Chu
  15. I don't understand how they manage to release a spin off perfume from one that is more than 10 years old
  16. It was a great show... on paper, the storyline, set list even some performances, I believe this was the time when B team watched the mess britney was going to be if they keep try to make her big and relevant and then decided to make her a nostalgia act for her own good.
  17. At least is someone who is in her peak, I hope they release whatever their worked before it ends It could be different from what fearurings in the past were even when I liked g-eazy, Brit didn’t get any buzz from that featuring, so what’s the point if you won’t do it right? And don’t let me start with Tinashe, I believe b team use britney image to get their new and forgettable artists exposure but if britney doesn’t even care so why are we?
  18. Just with Miley Cyrus or Ariana grande or Taylor Swift and someone like Justin Bieber would be enough
  19. ACT I Video introduce iluminatis plan to world domination with a super star... - BOMT/OIDIA -IS4U -Toxic -Circus ACT II Super star scapes ( My prerogative plays) -TTWE -Boys/Womanizer -MATM -POM/Do something ACT III Superstar wants a normal life but get stock in a stripper club (plays erotica by Madonna) -GM ( Samples breathe on me) -IUSA -3 -SP (samples touch of my hand) ACT IV She scapes again but iluminatis are looking for her everywhere she goes -Overprotected -WB -S&S -Crazy ACT V loneliness (she feel trap everywhere show goes) -MM/Coupere electrique -Everytime -Stronger ACT VI Decides to take downs iluminatis when she founds out they are creating a new superstar to defeat her -Break the ice -HIAM -New song
  20. I hope you report him to a hospital and not just his twitter account, he definitely needs help. He can be a danger for himself an others.
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