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  1. Dude/lady say what you want. Ofcourse you didn't find it disrespectful because you dont understand it. You're not where we came from. That's why on my original comment i literally gave an example on me saying the N word. I never really understood until now why black people will be mad. But its plain simple. If its disrespeful to them, respect it and don't say the word. Lol first you really didn't understand, then you accussed me of having a deeper issue. And said that i actively looking for reason to feel offended? Hahahaha. Suit your self. I don't even have to explain myself anymore. You may not understand, but i don't mind. Good day
  2. What do u mean "take away from that for you"? It didn't take away from me anything. I'm still secure. I still believe in my religion. I'm just mad and pissed off someone is disrespecting my religion. Example, you love your mom. But I disrespect and being rude to your mom. Ofcourse you're mad and pissed off, right? Why would you still listen to my music (assuming i make music and u used to enjoy it) if i'm being disrespectful to your mom? Its that simple. listening to her music and watching her videos give her money. I wouldn't want to support someone who directly disrespect my religion like that.
  3. I'm a Muslim and this is disrespectful. Even if you (who aren't Muslim) think its not disrespectful, i will tell you that it actually IS. Just because you don't understand how Hadith is important to us and how we respect it, doesn't mean that you can disrespect it and make fun of it. i mean no disrespect, but here's an example. I am not a black person. I never understood why it is an offend to say the N word when you are not one. I honestly dont. I apologize if saying this to show an example is also wrong. BUT, eventhough i don't understand, i respect that and i know i should never use it. same goes to this situation. Those who aren't Muslim may not be able to understand why we felt offended, but that does not give you the right to use it. that is all.
  4. Its not that i don't like her, but she's soooooooo overrated. I mean, does everything has to be her? There are lots of other talented people. Adele mentioned her, Gaga featured her, Disney+ choosed her, she's Nala, and grammy picked her. i mean come on!!!
  5. People need to stop making music about s3x. It will not have the longetivity impact for sure. They should make more love songs and include a bit of romance, but exclude any s3x part. WAP: i dislike that song. But its famous because its about s3x. It has impact? Yes but i think its a negative one. But will it has the longetivity in it? Now compare it with Adele's Hello or Rolling In The Deep. yes people have different taste in music. But what music actually sells more?
  6. Reading the replies and realize how sad it is that our Britney is at the phase where she'll retire soon as she ages 😞 the world is so cruel to her. I feel like she didn't even get the chance to feel appreciated fully. What if all she felt, was "used". 😞
  7. Hi guys. So I just wanna ask, what do you guys think will happen to Britney, once she's free? my opinions are as follow: 1. She'll make new music (after taking a year break) using her raw vocals (maybe only one or two songs using baby voice) 2. She'll release the complete version of Rebellion 3. She'll be more confident and less shaky 4. Other stars will finally spoken up for her and support her (because now most of them are quiet - maybe because of the contracts they've signed idk) 5. The medias and award shows finally give her the recognition she deserves and appreciate her like they did Beyonce. (because we know they treat beyonce like she's the only entertainer to ever exist) 6. She's back on top ie her sales will go up like crazy, people will start listening to her again, the radios will keep on playing her songs etc. 7. she'll sing live again. k fine all of the above are my hopes, but it could happen, right? Haha. what's your thoughts? p/s sorry if my english is bad.
  8. Acoustic, yes. Folk? No thanks for me. i'm down if she's doing an album like adele. Lol. anyway, i got a feeling britney will do her next album after she's free (which we will never know when)
  9. She's over-the-top-rated. Too overrated. That's my opinion
  10. This is not the final version, that's 1 thing for sure. The should at least be 2 verses with different lyrics. I mean come on this song would've been a masterpiece! But I know we will NEVER get the final version unless britney is free.
  11. I only hope this song gets as much radio hit as Till The World Ends
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