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  1. I agree. She’s been teasing her “new” music for months now and no one gave a damn. She also went to a club in Miami back in February where they previewed a song of hers, but again, no interest. The finsta situation, using racial slurs to create buzz, the song with Megan Thee Stallion..... this is the hands of Atlantic Records.
  2. Nah, I don’t think.. she’s just plain low! The sad part is that she gets away with everything.
  3. We are also sick of how uncultured she is, especially for a rapper! She should be temporarily banned.
  4. Make it make sense at least. It’s not like she’s begging other artists to collaborate with her; it wouldn’t benefit her. We all know, she’s the most wealthiest female rapper, part of the money are coming from her features. In her worst year, she’s done more money than Cardi in her prime. I can continue to drag you all day, but it’s safe to say that your deluded and pressed. Sooooosoosososoososoosososoosososooso
  5. I would normally ask for receipts if I would care, but nah.... I don’t believe you and I don’t believe anything anyone would have to say about the things she’s doing behind the scenes. Every rap woman who came at Nicki Minaj, claimed that Nicki is stopping their bags. But where are the receipts? You can’t provide them because they don’t exist. How come that she’s a cheater when she’s doing her job? As a rapper it’s their job to hop on songs and remix them. Google the “rapper” meaning and back up your affirmations because your nothing but a hater.
  6. 🧨💕🧨 @OnlyBeyonce Italian Grande cazzo
  7. I just want to add that they will drag Nicki no matter what, like seriously..... she always will be hated, but that’s fine to me. This means she’s competition and they are afraid. I’m good, I love her no matter what and I can’t wait for her new album.
  8. We need to understand that Tekashi was the only one supporting her, publicly, during the bandwagon hate she received in 2018! She just returned the favor with Trollz. A #1 is a #1. As you said, there will be more to come and drag her for collaborating with him, but it doesn’t really matter at this point in her career. She’s got the stats and she can do whatever she wants. If she survived 2018, I don’t know what can happen in the future.
  9. Yes, but we need exposure..... i know the biggest Barb pages on Instagram, but I don’t know if they will help us.
  10. Do you guys know about Honest? he’s my favorite YouTuber out there and he supports Britney so much, but we need this type of videos NOW!!!!!!!!
  11. We need more signatures which means we need the help of some fandoms. Don’t we have like a big Instagram/twitter page to spread the petition?
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