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  1. I'm not a fan or something, but since her debut I'm keeping my eyes on her and her music. I always wanted her to top the charts because she's so freaking talented. I never understood the comparison between her and Rihanna. I love them both, but they can coexist in this industry you know. I think Rih and Rita are in the same league, they have great voices, great looks, stage presence, etc. Anywhere was the whole package and a whole menu. I've waited to go viral. It was a decent hit in the Europe tho. This song is basic, but as I said... I like it because I kinda like her.
  2. I imagine Pardi being such a pu$$y slayer and surprisingly I'm a fan of his music since last year. I said . Food Stamps is my favourite song from him. I'm kinda happy that he got Cardi on his song because Cardi is exposure right now and he needs it! I laughed so hard at some comments saying Knot bodied Pardi. Haha. Them power bottoms and their tastes. Her verses are not even good. Proof she's just an ordinary insta model. Back to Pardi. He slayed that madafking verses. He's fire!