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  1. 10 minutes ago, puppylo16 said:

    It will. That’s why I’m glad she’s putting the boys as first priority above everything even her career so the boys in the future can’t say that Britney did not love them enough or neglected them. So it will only make them love her more and side with her. I feel kfed will forever keep finding ways to mooch off her or the boys but I feel the boys will be more stronger than Britney.

    exactly, you're right.....I'm following Victoria to see what the boys are doing. Maybe I'm crazy but from the videos, the boys (especially Preston) seem very distant

  2. Tbh, this made me laugh, looks so fake, Jesus :umok:

    Every time he says "I love you" he looks down, that means he's lying. 


    And I don't think Britney loved him, wasn't that true love, I think she was attracted by him and desperate to have a husband and kids

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  3. I remember this


    "BRITNEY Spears' ex-husband Kevin Federline has revealed he wants their two children, Sean Preston and Jayden James, to get jobs flipping burgers at McDonald's to stop them from becoming spoilt Hollywood brats.

    The former back-up dancer said he would put his sons, now aged 6 and 5, to work once they turned 16 to teach them about normal life.

    "I'll have them working at Micky D's," Federline said."



    Why isn't he trying to do the same thing????? 

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