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  1. exactly, you're right.....I'm following Victoria to see what the boys are doing. Maybe I'm crazy but from the videos, the boys (especially Preston) seem very distant
  2. I really hope they will find out, Kevin has no shame, he only cares about money. Hope what goes around comes around
  3. when the are older? sis, they have phones... In a video that Victoria posted, Preston was with the phone beside him.. for sure, they will find out soon
  4. P.S. We know that 95% of his songs are about Brit but he probably will say that he has just one song about her "CMAR". ( I can feel it)
  5. In this book he probably will say that this relationship was just a puppy love not a big deal, that the love of his life is horse blah blah blah.. we know him (liar, liar)
  6. Jesus, the media still loves to talk about Britney and Justin