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  1. Im from Europe but I swear when i see the Britney Army there, I feel famous
  2. Also is funny what she says, that her family is stressed.. yeah, I've seen it, they were partying, fishing.. yeah I believe them
  3. I'm sorry I don't believe that post! The video looks old, those are not Britney's words....Someone is deleting the Instagram comments! So noo I don't believe the post! She was forced to do it or someone else was writing the message
  4. no one cares for her, her family is horrible, they care only about money! I feel like we are the only people that care about her.. Im angry as hell
  5. I cant anymore with those magazines... she is not in the hospital because Jamie is dying! Jamie is fine!
  6. Why is everything so complicated?? Why cant Britney say "f**k you" to Jamie, why no one is listening to her? I can't anymore, I want to see Britney ok, we don't know anything, I swear that I wake up everyday thinking if I have to turn the TV on... Why the hell no one cares about Preston and Jayden???? That woman is their mom! They need her! If Jamie is a good grandfather why he doesnt care about them??? God so many questions... I'm crying
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