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  1. Brian is racist? He was my favorite. We all been knew Nick is trash, which is such a waste of a pretty face. Even Aaron accused him of r***, which is... Just WOW and EW.
  2. I need news. We already have the new cover, alleged lyrics for both songs, an alleged title and feature for the second song, and even the release date of this Friday, but I need MORE.
  3. Well, Baby and Stronger ARE a story. I mean, they're both written by Max Martin, and only written like a year apart. Baby is the singer regretting a break-up, Stronger is the sequel where the singer realizes they're better off without their ex.
  4. At least we got the original version leaked, even if it was only as a written treatment.
  5. She doesn't. She was the historical Mata Hari, but it was just an alias. There are multiple aliases listed throughout the video interludes.
  6. Everyone here knows "Toxic" and "Womanizer" are two parts of one storyline. What they might not know is that those aren't the only parts of the storyline. The unreleased director's cut of "Perfume" followed Britney as an assassin. The same assassin that she plays in the above two videos, per Joseph Kahn, who directed all three, plus "Stronger". Since three of his four videos focus on the same heroine, I lump the fourth ("Stronger") in with them as the "origin story". And "Break the Ice", whose concept was conceived by Britney, was pitched as an action-packed animated video featuring the same heroine from "Toxic", meaning "Break the Ice" is a midquel between "Toxic" and "Womanizer". One could even argue that the same heroine is the character that Britney portrays throughout the "Femme Fatale Tour", as she is implied to be some sort of immortal assassin being chased through time by some evil stalker. (In one of the video interludes he directly namedrops her as being Mata Hari, who was born over 140 years ago.) So what are everyone's thoughts on the main storyline weaving throughout Britney's videography?
  7. I'd rather be her little brother TBH, I feel like children never appreciate how awesome their parents are, whereas younger siblings see their older siblings as role models (if the relationship is positive and healthy). Although considering I'm the same age as Sam, I'm probably her next boyfriend.
  8. I know, I feel so ****** old. But they're so adorable, they still look like babies to me.
  9. No, I mean the 3 “Britney” era videos we were discussing (TWYTM, Anticipating and Darkchild)
  10. Be sure to tag me when you do the 3 Britney-era videos, please.
  11. Ok, good. I can freely support Britney Online, then. I hate Anthony and Mayonella. LMAO imagine them still trying to become a thing. Poor them.
  12. They’re cute. I’d bet that even if there are Britney sung versions, these are the demo singers though.
  13. Damn, I'm so sad Dulce and Poncho didn't come back. But at least we got Cristian and Maite. Remember that "reality" tv show they made after the telenovela that was so obviously a scripted mockumentary that tried to set up Maite and Cristian as a couple? Because I do.
  14. Dumb question, but is Britney Online related in any way to Universe and Galaxy from back in the day?
  15. I have no idea. This site changes so much, so often, I can barely find my way around.
  16. 5-6 songs and you can't be bothered to even write a single username? Give us SOMETHING, we'll do the rest.
  17. "There's only one *****. The REAL ONE. Britney!" If Britney EVER does a Christmas album, I hope it's 99% new material, including a slutty XXXmas song. The other 1% would HAVE TO BE a re-recording of MOWTY, and it would need a music video ASAP.
  18. WAIT OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG SOURCE PLEASE? I thought SITS was coming tomorrow, per the Billboard article. I was just going to make a thread asking if the song would show up at midnight or a specific time tomorrow. Oh, I've caught SEVERAL of your posts. But I just need a dedicated thread for Henry Cavill thirst that I can bookmark for mas*******n.
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