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  1. @Britneybbhmm Bitch... Since we were always cool, if you want to explain yourself without having someone judge you (I mean... I'll call you stupid as f**k for stealing someone's identity, but I'll TRY to understand your motivation), PM me and then I'll relay your words to everyone. I want to be involved in the drama that I so obviously missed. :queenflopga: But, bitch... You sure picked a fine ass man to impersonate, I'll give you that much.

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    2. BrittonJeanSpears


      Bitch go to the Justney thread with 20 pages. 18 of them are devoted to this drama. :milkney: And PM me more shirtless pics. ;)

    3. SexyJeans


      What the hell happened?? this is scary

      If anyone could PM the details I missed that would be great

      Oh nvm went to the thread

    4. Applejack


      he was so nice smh