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  1. 20 hours ago, SlayOut said:

    Nnnnn I secretly think my coworker is an Exhaler but idk which member they’d be. :lemmetellu: We talk about and listen to Britney music a lot when we’re at the office, and he knows about the Breatheheavy site and social media. :nynod: But he doesn’t seem to know about Exhale when I’ve brought it up before... but then, one night at a dinner, I had Exhale on my phone (:cackling:) and he was like “omg you’re on Exhale rn!?!?”

    Anyways, not that this relates at all to what you’re saying, but I often wonder if there are exhalers around me hahaha


    3 hours ago, Martini said:

    s!s it's me... :unreal:

    I'm shook.


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  2. 1 hour ago, really really cool guy said:

    Absolute Britney is aknowledged and approved by team B though so maybe it's true

    Wasn't there a huge falling out last year, with Anthony actually cussing out Team B on Twitter, because they stole a social media account from him? :thinkney:

    I'm gonna need @Lilith and @cheri to help me fact check, but I'm pretty sure there is no longer any connection between Fagthony and Team B.

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  3. King Fagthony is an infamous liar. I still remember when he asked Britney to donate some stuff for a charity for his murdered cousin... And ended up framing everything she gave him and keeping it for himself. :tiffcackle: Also, if you're so desperate for money for your cousin, why not just take the money for your trip to see Britney and donate that, and go later on? At that point, we already knew she wasn't changing the show for years. He's so f**king fake, I can't even. :pieceofwhat:

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  4. On 7/17/2018 at 5:36 PM, PokemonSpears said:

    I know, I can't at Boys, Anticipating, That's Where You Take Me, Not a Girl being singles, or in Not a Girl's case, having multiple videos, when there were many other songs like I Run Away, Lonely, Before the Goodbye, Let Me Be.

    I Love Rock 'N' Roll is great, but it's a cover, also the Darkchild Remix of Overprotected has an awesome video, but why did it need a remix in the first place? :nochillbrit: 

    Still it's funny how they kept releasing single after single, even when they weren't that great on the charts. 

    To be fair, Boys is FIRE. And Not A Girl was Crossroads promotion. :yaknow:

    As for Anticipating and TWYTM, I agree. They're cute, but they needed to sit down.

    As for releasing single after single despite commercial failure, that's only true for the US where she was banned on the radio (fun fact: Boys is her lowest-charting single EVER, yet she almost gives it more love than she does Toxic! :hahaha: ). Worldwide, all of the singles were hits, except for Anticipating and Rock N Roll (which peaked in the high 30's, if I recall). Even TWYTM hit Top Three in the Philippines. :pumped:

    But if it had been me, I probably would've released Slave, Overprotected, I Run Away, Boys, Lonely, Cinderella, Bombastic Love and Before the Goodbye as singles. In that order. :lessons: 


    On 7/18/2018 at 7:30 AM, It'sSamB!tch said:

    I have read that "That's Where You Take Me" was NOT oficially released in the Philipines. The single is supposed to be fanmade. Dunno if it's true...


    Multiple fans from the Philippines have confirmed that the single was in fact released there, as well as the Behind-The-Scenes footage music video. In fact, a handful of them have even said as much in this thread. And a Filipino radio station confirmed on Facebook that the song reached number 3 in the country. Though a fan posted in this thread that there's no Billboard chart in the country, so who knows what chart they were basing it on. :tbh: 

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  5. On 7/17/2018 at 5:31 PM, PokemonSpears said:

    During the Britney era they were like, "this song gets the single treatment, this song gets the single treatment,


    everybody gets the single treatment!!!" 




    I will never get over the fact that Jive really wanted Bombastic Love and Cinderella as singles, but Britney put her foot down and was like "Hell, no." Even back then, she was trolling the hell out of us. She gave us ILRNR and Anticipating instead. :crying1:

    Also, half of those singles were meant for "Crossroads". Overprotected, I'm Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman and I Love Rock 'n' Roll were all exclusively for Crossroads. I forgot what other songs were meant for the Crossroads soundtrack, I think Bombastic Love was one of them since I think it's on the DVD? Who knows if we would've gotten that many singles had Crossroads not been a thing at the time... :( 

  6. 1 hour ago, Brichney. said:

    That big ass catalog can make you afford to do so, right? Like, a part of the show where she would perform different songs each time, for instance today it would be "Lonely," the next show it would be "Born To Make You Happy" or "To Love Let Go" ... just to surprise the fans. But oh well, I'm not Britney, so let's just stick to the same show for 5 years and then add "Clumsy" to change things up.


    I actually suggested this same thing back when she first announced a revamp in 2015. But on a more extreme scale. Every run of shows would include staple hits like Baby, Oops, Toxic and Slave, but would each revolve around the entire set list of one album. So for example, the first run would be all of the BOMT songs, from Baby to Autumn Goodbye. And then Oops, from Oops to You Got It All. And so on and so forth, until all of the songs were performed. :yaknow: And yes, the run for Circus would've been the craziest since she'd have to drop most of the other hits due to Circus having goddamn near 20 songs. :lessons: 

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  7. 6 hours ago, Urbanney said:

    That’s good she doesn’t look at the comments... I think 

    I wonder who the ex-boyfriend was? I'm thinking Kevin and the tabloids, or maybe even Charlie? He always seemed like Prince Charming, so maybe that was just a front for someone who was insecure. But like... All of our comments about him were how he was so perfect and sexy, so I don't know why he'd freak out at that? :mhmsureny:

  8. On 7/16/2018 at 3:00 PM, britney_rocks said:

    Yeah, and so was "Thats Where you Take Me" in the Philippines I believe. 


    Britney album was full of bops, and Im still mad that "I Run Away" was never a single. :sobbing:

    That's Where You Take Me was always speculated on, but it was confirmed by a radio station on its Facebook page back in 2015, I believe. @Larry Stylinson is the TWYTM expert here, so he can give the exact date.

    But yes, it was a single. This is the official music video, though we don't have it in HD until someone buys a single and rips the video from it (but the singles are extremely rare). And it peaked at number 3 in the country. Slay.

    @Stannedforever The Britney album to this day is the album with the most singles (not counting compilations, which are obviously comprised of singles). We had Slave, Overprotected, Not A Girl, Overprotected (The Darkchild Remix), Boys, I Love Rock N Roll, Anticipating and That's Where You Take Me. 7 singles, if you consider both releases of Overprotected as one release. Though it's technically 8 singles if you count the What's Going On charity single featuring Britney's vocals released between Slave and Overprotected.

    All 8 singles have music videos, with Overprotected iconically having 2.

    21 hours ago, britrey said:

    I was too young that time and internet wasn't that accessible. All I know is that both Anticipating aand That's Where You Take Me had music videos being shown on MYX (The number one music channel in the Philippines). Both music videos did really good on the charts here. Hehe! Oh. Those days...

    Ooh, I don't suppose you could contact some Philippine radio stations or something and see if you could find an HQ version of the music video, could you? :pumped: We've never seen it in HQ. And trust me, I've searched.

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  9. 5 hours ago, Piper Halliwell said:

    oh wow... hes like 40 yo on the left pic


    Is it bad that I prefer the left picture? :eeek: He looks gorgeous and amazing now, don't get me wrong. But he's too gorgeous, if that makes sense. I don't look like Britney goddamn Spears, so I wouldn't want a super hot guy I gotta keep an eye on. :tbh: In the left picture, he just looks like an average, random guy on the street who'd d!ck you good and raw in a movie theater, and buy you dinner afterwards while you cuddle on the couch watching movies. :queenflopga: 

    1 hour ago, Sparks said:

    That's cute!

    I am 100% sure they won't last though (and no I'm not hating, Sam seems like a sweet guy, and he is a fellow persian which I looove, but) the age difference is just.... nah. He is 21-24 (?) and she is a 36 year old mother. They are in two completely different stages in their lives, but whatever floats Brit's boat. She deserves to be in a happy, carefree relationship. 

    He's my age, so 24. And 12 years isn't that huge of a gap. My stepdad was all about his work, and family and stuff just like Sam seems to be (keywords: seems to be), and my mom was a struggling single mom. He was 17 and she was 29 (He lied about his age. Told my mom he was 23. She didn't find out until she got pregnant with my brother. So don't judge her too harshly.), they're now 45 and 35, and have been together for almost 20 years.

    And my mother's parents had an even bigger gap. My grandmother was 16 and my grandfather was 37. (As much as I love them, and consider their relationship as a goal in life, I do have to throw my grandpa some side eye for not waiting two more years.) They were together for like 43 years until he passed.

    So I'm not saying that Sam and Britney will last, but I'm also not saying they'll come apart solely because of the age difference (if they do come apart).

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  10. 22 minutes ago, GemmaTeller said:

    The dancing is so bad that I didn't notice her lip synching until just now. What the hell is she mouthing along to? Is she counting?? :wontcry:

    She's lipping to the vocals... Which are clearly a man's and not hers. Who does she think she's fooling, especially when she stops lipping halfway through? :tiffcackle:

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