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    I'm Yours. Jason Mraz Admits He's Bisexual

    TBFH He's so sexy.
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    tour THIS is dancing. (Brit video)

  3. "Secrets of Motherhood: A Heart-To-Heart with Britney Spears"
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    music Wait what? Anticipating was real single and had music video?

    To be fair, Boys is FIRE. And Not A Girl was Crossroads promotion. As for Anticipating and TWYTM, I agree. They're cute, but they needed to sit down. As for releasing single after single despite commercial failure, that's only true for the US where she was banned on the radio (fun fact: Boys is her lowest-charting single EVER, yet she almost gives it more love than she does Toxic! ). Worldwide, all of the singles were hits, except for Anticipating and Rock N Roll (which peaked in the high 30's, if I recall). Even TWYTM hit Top Three in the Philippines. But if it had been me, I probably would've released Slave, Overprotected, I Run Away, Boys, Lonely, Cinderella, Bombastic Love and Before the Goodbye as singles. In that order. Multiple fans from the Philippines have confirmed that the single was in fact released there, as well as the Behind-The-Scenes footage music video. In fact, a handful of them have even said as much in this thread. And a Filipino radio station confirmed on Facebook that the song reached number 3 in the country. Though a fan posted in this thread that there's no Billboard chart in the country, so who knows what chart they were basing it on.
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    music Wait what? Anticipating was real single and had music video?

    I will never get over the fact that Jive really wanted Bombastic Love and Cinderella as singles, but Britney put her foot down and was like "Hell, no." Even back then, she was trolling the hell out of us. She gave us ILRNR and Anticipating instead. Also, half of those singles were meant for "Crossroads". Overprotected, I'm Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman and I Love Rock 'n' Roll were all exclusively for Crossroads. I forgot what other songs were meant for the Crossroads soundtrack, I think Bombastic Love was one of them since I think it's on the DVD? Who knows if we would've gotten that many singles had Crossroads not been a thing at the time...
  6. I actually suggested this same thing back when she first announced a revamp in 2015. But on a more extreme scale. Every run of shows would include staple hits like Baby, Oops, Toxic and Slave, but would each revolve around the entire set list of one album. So for example, the first run would be all of the BOMT songs, from Baby to Autumn Goodbye. And then Oops, from Oops to You Got It All. And so on and so forth, until all of the songs were performed. And yes, the run for Circus would've been the craziest since she'd have to drop most of the other hits due to Circus having goddamn near 20 songs.