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  1. BrittonJeanSpears

    socialney Controversial: Britney Should've Stayed With Kevin

    You're talking about the same fanbase that idealizes the version of Britney who was mentally broken inside, all because she was a bit outspoken. Despite every single second we've ever seen of her proving that 2007ney has never been the real her. Of course some random asshole would think that she also can't produce good music if she's not flashing her hooha and wielding umbrellas like katanas.
  2. BrittonJeanSpears

    socialney Controversial: Britney Should've Stayed With Kevin

    A daughter named Emma? K-Fed as Star-Lord? The only reason for Britney to stay would be if they worked well together, which they didn't. He cheated, she partied and their children suffered. All they need to do now is be good parents to their children. And by all accounts, Kevin may be a deadbeat loser, but he is NOT a deadbeat dad. And we all know Britney is an excellent mother. Even d!ck as heavenly and divine as Kevin's isn't reason enough to stay around if the relationship is (lol) Toxic.
  3. BrittonJeanSpears

    Piece Of Sarah