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  1. Demi Lovato being a world class qunt? How SHOCKING.
  2. I'm still pissed about that. Screw both of them. Also, what happened to that ICONIC GIF we used to mock her for weeks on end?
  3. Ann Marie Lastrassi? This would be the greatest con in all of American history if it was true. (It's not.)
  4. Gurl, Bobby's BEEN cancelled. Didn't you know he used to beat Whitney? And that he's the one who got her into drugs in the first place? Apparently 2018, because she was set to premiere it for the first time at Domination. Yeah, you're right. So Team Britney may have finally made a deal with Bobby's team. Unless Bobby owns the rights to the song, Team Britney would have only needed permission from his label. I think. Either way, from what I've read he originally had no problem with it until he noticed that a) she inserted her original spoken monologue at the start and b) that her version was far more popular than his. He really needs to go sit in a room and think about all the stuff he put Whitney through. Why did I confuse Mick Jagger with Steven Tyler? Why did I confuse Aerosmith with the Rolling Stones? I'm gagged.
  5. It's a hot, barely-legal blonde white girl grinding on inanimate objects in skimpy outfits. Of COURSE her versions are going to be more popular. Also, it's interesting to note, both of the other ILRNR singers have complimented Britney on her cover. Cher was actually supposed to duet with Britney in some live performances for "The Beat Goes On", so it can be assumed she liked it. And that dude with the weird mouth and all the scarves from Aerosmith said he loved Britney's cover of Satisfaction. Basically all of her covers have been approved by the original artists EXCEPT My Prerogative. For some reason (likely jealousy), Bobby Brown refuses to let Britney perform My Prerogative, and he dislikes her version.
  6. Timbaland hates Britney and always shades her. This is well-documented. During the breakdown, JT tried to reach out and schedule a studio session for Britney with Timbaland. (Presumably as an olive branch, since they hadn't interacted since their break-up and she'd publicly dragged him in 2005 in Chaotic.) Britney stood them both up, and Timbaland said her career would never recover. Clearly both Blackout and Circus came shortly after and he ate his words. He's been bitter about it ever since. Heck, one of his "original" songs for Empire just a few years ago literally had Jussie Smolett's voice break and then he says something like "I sound like Britney" or "I'm Britney" or something. It was obvious shade, and it's even more messed up when you realize Jussie is a huge Britney fan and was probably forced to sing that because it was his job. (Forgetting for a second that Jussie is a lying piece of trash and thus deserves to do unpleasant things for the rest of his life, like sing songs he doesn't want to. )
  7. I used to watch Shane almost religiously from 2013 to 2018. And while I find Jeffree to be too sexual (yes, even for me) and abrasive, I do like his make-up colors a lot. And Tati is just a beautiful ray of sunshine. I started following her because her voice is so soothing. I believe her wholeheartedly. Shane is trash. Sis, Shane hasn't done skits since like... 2014. He moved on to food videos, then conspiracy videos, then going to haunted locations, and for like two years he's been releasing documentaries. He met Jeffree Star, a beauty YouTuber with his own cosmetics company, in like 2018 and they did a documentary together about Jeffree's life. Then they did another one in 2019 about Shane and Jeffree collaborating on a make-up palette. Tati comes into the situation because she was friends with Jeffree. Jeffree introduced her to Shane in 2019. And if Tati is to be believed, they then poisoned her against her protege, James Charles, another beauty YouTuber who I believe was 19 at the time, and had enough success to rival both Jeffree and Shane on the platform. As for what happened next, well I suggest watching the video.
  8. Nah, replace her with Myka Stauffer. That chick returned her adopted son. That's way worse than anything Tati did.
  9. She donated all the money to charity, though. That's better than anything Shane did. Considering he did more ****** than make-up looks, he should've said in his apology that 25% of the proceeds on his Conspiracy restock would be donated to Black Lives Matter. Or the AdSense from the apology, like Tati did. I don't feel bad for him. Unless Jeffree manufactured that voice memo he's holding over James' head, James did in fact R A P E someone.
  10. I stand with Tati 100%. She's been on YouTube for TEN YEARS. TEN. She has NEVER had drama or scandals or messiness in all that time, aside from a minor feud with some make-up brand owner's sister, who got cancelled last year for being transphobic anyways. Meanwhile, Shane and Jeffree are SYNONYMOUS with drama. And scandal. And mess. And she specifically said that lawyers are involved, evidence has been presented and analyzed, and more stuff will come out soon. So why would she risk saying any of those statements about LAWYERS and LAWSUITS if she's lying? No one else in this situation has mentioned lawyers. Not James, not Shane, not Jeffree. I'm cackling at Shane going on Instagram Live to mock Tati's status as an assault survivor as if that was going to gain him any kind of sympathy, and Ryland going off on Tati, but staying shut about the Smiths condemning his disgusting BEAST of a fiancé. So Shane and his piggly wiggly ***** *** can sit the hell down. And Jeffree... OMG he has THREE PEOPLE afraid for their LIVES. And countless others under BLACKMAIL. I'm so ready to see them both fall. Particularly SHANE.
  11. I've been stanning this song since the beginning. Britney and I have FLAWLESS taste.
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