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  1. I love Make Me Original video and I am not ashamed of it
  2. They removed it, where can I find it?
  3. It will always be my favourite song and my favourite video.
  4. Good times! Today Womanizer turns 10! Happy birthday masterpiece!
  5. Make Me is the most painful of course
  6. Womanizer is the definition of ICONIC Amazing song, video and period
  7. MakeMe Video Mess still hurts me so much...
  8. Private Show and Chilling With You. I feel so alone.
  9. I can't imagine why they cut scenes from director's version. When she's on the floor with that chignon...is FLAWLESS! It would have made that video iconic and more memorable.
  10. How is it possible that fans don't love that song as much as I do?
  11. Private Show would have been a good single choice! It reached Top 5 when it was released. Fans underrate its sooo much! It's a bit strange but it's original and a grower! Kill me.
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