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  1. anything to free/bring happiness to my queen honestly!
  2. honestly i am changing my own stan name to ''how are you doing Vegas?-ney'' so ya'll can do whatever you want
  3. yes is it by Brittany Spears in school girl outfit? i love her so much.... queen
  4. Where is the Piece of me dvd Sony? Also yes i would die for more tour dvds like TCSBS or Piece of me show professionally tapped!!! Also I wouldnt mind a second single collection box set including all new singles and an unreleased sings ep but it is a dream within a dream
  5. me picking out the liar: Anyone loves Will.i.am? Who wanted big fat bass as a single?
  6. Britney's b*tches we steal Starbucks frappuccino and take them back to our queen
  7. Hi guys, I dont know if you guys have watch this show from the julibee channel but basically, they picked 6 fans and one secret haters and all the fans have vote out who the secret hater is or they will lose the cash prize. If they did a Britney Spears episode, how would you prove your stan card? I feel like for the first round you need to name at least 6 unreleased songs/demos, her sons' names and know who Myah Jean is. Then maybe i got stuck i would go around asking if Britney Jean is anyone's favorite album or something
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