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  1. I don’t see any reason for the judge to approve this because he keeps contradicting his own statement Britney hiring a team is expensive but it’s okay for him to do so from her account???
  2. It’s not like she control her insta anyway i hope when she gets control of her insta she’ll delete every post on her page and starts anew. Also, remember when she used to tweet a lot of random things? I hope she’ll get access to her twitter account too. People on Twitter are way nicer to her anyway
  3. I dont know whether to believe this or not if this is real then can we get the other names to be revealed as well? Because I saw the file on Twitter and every name is censored.
  4. Why does she always seems so pressed when people ask her about Britney? also your daughter is not a star at all hun Did she forget that Britney gave her a career??
  5. If she has all these capacities then why can’t she do interviews without yall censoring everything she says and can’t make her decisions about basically everything? **** you Jamie, she only has the capacity when you can benefit off of her.
  6. The Blackout photoshoot will always be on another level of hot the hair colour, the attitude, the concept If only her Blackout attitude would stay. She just doesn’t give a single **** and do whatever she wishes. **** the cship
  7. I’m so sick of the comments under her posts. I don’t see anything wrong with her having fun on her insta account??? Also, why does she look way thinner in these vids and not on the paparazzi shots?
  8. She’s been doing nothing ever since her last era over and now she’s suddenly hosting SNL? I hope she surprise drops something that night
  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if she thinks it like that. She’s not that bright and we all know that
  10. wtf my eyes feel so.. refreshed This is what her instagram deserves look at that flawless shots of hers she deserves a better team to handle her once she is free also, her makeup in that last photo was beyond perfect. I am slayed everytime I see it
  11. This is HUGE guys For the first time in 12 years, Britney has her own QUALIFIED and HIGHLY EXPERIENCED TEAM OF LAWYERS to back her up. I can’t wait for more to come as Britney regains her freedom. Britney and Lynne rn: Jamie, Lou and Team Con: EDIT: she’s just posted a pic of her smiling
  12. I really hate the low quality photos they keep posting. And i’m not feeling this picture idk why
  13. The fact that she went to Ellen to announce the announcement and at the announcement she didn’t talk a single word after making us wait for almost an hour i really hate her dumb team
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