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  1. Don’t forget to mention that people done way worse things then Britney but they never been under c-ship..
  2. I don’t see apologies tbh.. she don’t even seem to be sorry.. she just want some attention and she’s saying that she is a nice person
  3. 1) Does Marilyn Monroe transferred in Britneys 2 years old body 2? 2) Did Britney planed all of this to expose all the abusers and secretly recording her life from 2003 and was that the reason of her to broke up with JT cause he didn't wanted it (but he knows about it)? 3) was her public breakdown planned by the industry which wanted to destroy her name cause she was getting bigger and was only 24 and don't wanted her to be back in business (it begun when she was 19 and latley involved artists like Xtina, Beyonce, Avril lavigne, JT, some big hip-hop artists ertists etc) 4) Can I be sure that one of the 3 above is 100% true?
  4. The only artist I thought right away was Eminem too.. It can be huge.. Britney always liked him and he always as hiding that he liked her too (he could grow up who knows).. But still i want her to have only solo albums/singles etc...
  5. Britney (fan) garbage p!nk Madonna Pretty reckless H.M. Jackson, ABBA, linkin park, Adam Lambert, Whitney, queen 🤔
  6. This kind of info always scares me Things you don’t want to think about are coming for ya.. I hope freeing Brit will go smoothly at decisive moment
  7. I can't with all of this.. why I always open this kind of threads.. I will just say - "You don't deserve any Britney vocals".. Britney sounds not as her in every next album.. BJ was a mess yes but if you are listening tracks and find that she sonds different it doesn;t mean that she isn't singing.. It's just messed vocals of Britney and Myah some tracks... Not the whole album p.s. you can down-vote me again :D p.s.s. "Go to the light"
  8. Soviet Union was one of the leading in space thing so one of the main language when u see something falling from the sky is Russian.. ”We have done in space” thing is followed “it something strange” thing.. totally fits when you suddenly notice something unusual or something falling from the sky lol.. I think other languages should translated in that way too (I don’t even recognise them).. on the second thing “did wishes come true” maybe referred to a military speech but it’s after when britney raised Ki the video and after right after the end of that verse she starting to fall ( literally fall OR fall in the public eyes.. so the wishes that are coming true maybe as britneys as other ones who evidence her landing on earth) It’s a really video for digging in.. especially when video is always changing like every 1.5 second.. I watched once in a slow version and saw so many things I didn’t noticed before lol.. the most underrated video of hers
  9. Maybe she’s referring to judges who are keeping her under c-ship?
  10. Love her <3 she seems happy.. she will never retire.. she truly loves performing
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