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  1. I didn't know that!!! This family is more toxic than a planet of monster energy drinks
  2. Are you kidding me? Gaga's peak lasted like 3 years with no returns, Star Is Born wasn't certainly Gaga so I'm not counting this. I love Gaga, but no. Britney was everywhere like Gaga, but twice, or even thrice Iconic performances, looks, iconic VOICE (I know the baby voice has pros and cons but Gaga's voice tone is not that special), the whole stardom, every girl and gay wanted to look, dance and sing like Britney Also Britney was like a beauty icon in late 90s/early 2000s, whereas in Gaga years the beauty icons were more like... Kim Kardashian? Correct me if I'm wrong. I love Gaga, I love the artistry she had/has, but Britney's peak was like a grand tsunami Also Circus - another storm wave. The definition of an instant comeback
  3. I hope I'm wrong with that, but it took her 10 years to start helping her daughter get out of this mess. And she knew the real face of Jamie before, she knew him that good before 2008 and yet the cship was settled with no issues
  4. Such an amazing thread! I'm very keen on audio stuff as well. And I'm surprised some of the songs apparently have different dynamic range on different CDs Personally, I don't like how does Glory sound. Too loud and there's clipping on some songs, so unproffessional. ITZ isn't her best also I have In The Zone on vinyl and it says it's mastered by a different person than the original CD. But the MP3 files which came from the digital download with the vinyl seem like it's the original CD master from 2003... Or they remastered it using the old CD and there's almost no difference? But what about the dynamic range vinyls should have? Why didn't they use unmastered versions? There's too many questions and I think I'm too dramatic to be an audiophile
  5. So true, but I'd rather jam to a re-recorded Britney Jean with british Siri vocals instead of this version we have...Myah pretending to be Britney, that's so 2013
  6. She's a good person, certainly. It's just that it's hard for a human to be 100% anything. We all are imperfect and make mistakes. But you can clearly see the good person in her. And the backstage stories match with this image of her. There were some weird situations during the cship years but I think it was all because she was (and still is) soo overprotected. Like really, we still don't know the full story but looking at the bits we know - I think it's a miracle she's still phisycally fine and was able to work for 10 years...
  7. Lately Universal updated Shania Twain's videos and it's just meh. Looks upscaled and lmao, I've seen better upscales of Britney's videos made by a fan! The only cool thing they did is that they replaced the old videos, so the view count is still there.
  9. I found this thread pretty interesting and still a fresh way to talk **** about Britney Jean... Start posting your opinions now
  10. Forget Britney Jean! Here's Norma Jean!
  11. I feel sad for her. Well yeah she agreed to take part in all of this but she was and still kind of is a beginner to music and this was a big opportunity for her. She just did her job. It's Team Britney who's responsible for trolling us
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