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  1. I agree but who does demand things from Britney right now? Like okay there was exceptions but it's not like we just want her to do new things in this situation. Also her team did A LOT to make us think it's all fine around Britney and she's just tired/lazy all the time. I remember how it looked in 2011, a #freeBritney could've happened then already, but they did a perfect job with sweeping things under the rug. "Personal" stuff, "Blackout 2.0", yeah right... It made us kinda think she's fine but something was still off. I'm glad we know the reason now
  2. BOMT- Best: I'll Never Stop Loving You. Worst: Deep In My Heart Oops- Best: Where Are You Know, Worst: Satisfaction Britney- Best: Not A Girl, Worst: Anticipating ITZ- Best: Everytime, Worst: Outrageous BO- Best: Heaven on Earth, Worst: Toy Soldier Circus- Best: Out From Under, Worst: Phonography Femme Fatale- Best: He About To Lose Me, Worst: Seal It With A Kiss Britney Jean... Glory- Best: Mood Ring, Worst: Private Show So hard! Sometimes it's like umm I like the song but the vocals are pretty meh but I have to do this so I did
  3. Sounds like she literally stepped into the studio grabbed a fanta or coke just to say hi to the producers and they were like "oh Brit do you want to check out a new demo? You can do some quick vocals to see if you like it" and she was like "ok yay cool" recorded it for literally 3-4 minutes with just one take and that's it. "Recording" the "new" "album"
  4. For me it's a classic one I always hear in Stronger I'm not your potpourri instead of I'm not your property. Yeah I'm weird.
  5. Cause it's all sicker than the remix.
  6. Well, duh, never. Her team never releases things we need it's always something else, it's never strict to the point. You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You're getting a mini Cooper
  7. Cshipnney never got a chance to express herself in a good ballad. This was an attempt of one. It's very raw and very unfinished, maybe if they had more time to work on this material, it'd sound totally different. I like this one, Brightest Morning Star also, and I think it's such a pity that the official versions sound like demos or something even more...alpha. Why?
  8. @RealLarryRudolph can you become my manager and teach me how to success here?
  9. Not this thread flopping when I still have visions
  10. Are you ready to count to three? Aaaaaand get ready @ILikeChillinWithYou
  11. On the other hand this documentary is kind of boring. It's also very staged, like somebody mentioned before. I can't at them showing Britney like she just writes down her ideas and they're doing it all Like she has something to say about her career Like they're not blocking her from being independent since 2008
  12. Well I wasn't that sure about Britney Jean being so personal after I heard Work betch But I knew it all since the first listen. Always knew it's somebody else singing lead vocals, nobody needed to tell me
  13. I remember myself watching this show in 2012 and kinda wanting her to act like "old Britney" but somehow I knew she isn't in the right place so I was glad she's there anyway.
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