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  1. Hi Derrick!!! I'm a huge fan of yours, I'm so sad to see you go last week. I was really rooting for youuu Mariah has never been done in Snatch Game so I was hoping to see you slay that challenge
  2. This is a great idea, it will also benefit her image and we all need the motivation from our queen. She can do it on Tik Tok and make it short. It will be Relationship Goals if they do it as a couple
  3. Latin Pop was in so Change your mind would've been more successful that time. And IMAGINE a VMA Performance of Change your Mind
  5. Her voice sounds like when she was announcing "A morning to remember" at GMA
  6. Janet would be a great choice. They could perform Rhythm Nation and Scream (Britney doing MJ's part) Then bring out Madonna during MATM. It would be the most iconic halftime show Legends
  7. OMG I just watched FREAKY FRIDAY, they sang bomt Chad Michael Murray is so hot
  8. The beauty, the appeal, the innocence, the personality. She really was the IT girl
  9. Exactlyyy! Its for the fansss. I hope someday she has a segment where she performs a live acoustic medley of her songs. A short INAGNYAW, Lucky, Overprotected, DLMBTLTK, and etc just for the nostalgia of it all. Like what Mariah does to serve the fans by singing fan favorites and even bsides that are not in the album. I'd love to hear her tease us with snippets of her bsides like What you sippin' on, Sugarfall etc.
  10. I can sing her baby voice songs like bomt and oops. I can imitate her voice but its really hard to sing toxic, i can't imitate it especially the chorus. Her falsetto is also distinctive and its hard to copy that style and transition from baby to falsetto
  11. Lakeeeyyy he's so fine. I find him the most attractive out of all the male dancers <3
  12. I also think she had an eye lift or something. Her eyes changed mid 2013, and I think she uses panda make up to cover the scarring. Just a conspiracy
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