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  1. wow I accidentally clicked on this thread but the interview that model gave is really cool They must've liked him because it's way hotter if the guy shows a bit that he doesn't care
  2. the way piano music started playing on my spotify as I was reading this wow oh wow what a moment I fully agree with you I feel the same way. My liking of Britney came from her music and performances. My love for Britney comes for my admiration for what she represents on a deeper level. Her media scrutiny, her imagery, etc. It's all there. She really has the perfect story. Even now, with the conservatorship. She's still fighting for what is essentially something that goes a lot deeper than just Britney the person. And to top it all off, she has an amazing personality. maybe youre right huh move to holland so we can be besties xo
  3. yeees so freaking true. It's also perpetuated by pop music being called pop. Going against the grain is seen as a good thing because it "shows personality", but when your entire personality is that you're going against the grain... How much value does that truly hold? Having to show personality etc instead of being "perfect" and "bubbly", but if your personality truly is perfect and bubbly, wouldn't you lose your integrity by showing some sort of fake "against the grain" personality? That doesn't mean you don't have artistry and integrity, it's just different. It's so funny that by trying to be inclusive of what isn't normal, they became exclusive in several ways. True rock values are about doing as you please and doing what you personally want, and if anyone had those values it was Britney Spears lol
  4. My best friend always says that Britney could take a dump on that stage and I would die a happy life and he's not wrong lol I also feel like I don't glorify her performances but then I posted a thread on here once praising her post-2007 performances and got lashed for it, so maybe I do view her through rose-tinted glasses who knows. But most of you guys kind of have tragic taste so idk Btw, if you answered yes on that Work ***** poll, answer yes again
  5. Maybe he didn't clean the camera lens or maybe it's because they share their videos through whatsapp to the team idk but I agree that it looks weird for a high caliber celeb to be posting low-res media
  6. That's just what any dance studio video looks like lol? If something flashy like that can be created, something more suitable for Britney can be created. Something she can "dance" to, what ever the fk that means
  7. Yup. She didn't get the credit she deserved at the time for being the only successful pop artist at that point to transition from teen pop to adult pop, successfully. She embraced her femininity. That being said, maybe the critics didn't fully grasp it, but it inspired an entire generation. It's why Britney is still so big today. Edit: And it's also why Britney is a gay icon. It's because she embraced her s3xuality. I felt like I had to mention this real quick because I sometimes see people get confused over this. Like Lady Gaga said, Britney taught us how to be fearless
  8. I feel like you should've added a filter to really sell the 80s look I like the production, the vocal layering is really good and I like the way you combined the songs. My only grip is that the instrumental is in a really high pitch and Britney's chipmunk vocals complemented that. It's really good otherwise
  9. It's what they did to all of her albums. It's literally old men being ***ist and ageist towards a young woman. Fkn disgusting Edit: s3xist
  10. Piece Of Me is a standard 4-count with a BPM of 115 lmao, I genuinely don't understand why you think it's not danceable / hard. INot to mention the bridge is perfect for a good breakdown
  11. Her most die-hard fans thought she was under the c-ship just for legal and financial reasons. Obviously Simon didn't know the full depths of Britney's situation
  12. Glory Remaster, Glory re-release the remix, Glory gay pride edition, Glory c-zant remix, Glory Deluxe extended mix (2021 edition) All coming to you soon on vinyl at your local urban outfitters
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