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  1. Lana Del Rey is one of my most favourite artists so I’m glad she’s a Britney fan as I can live in hope that one day they will duet.
  2. I actually preferred it when Britney didn’t really feature with other artists on records, that sort of exclusivity she had pre 2011 was really good (with the exception of Madonna of course). My personal favourite female collaboration is Me Against The Music, it really worked and was sort of like the queen of pop Madonna giving Britney the seal of approval and almost handing her crown over.
  3. I literally just finished watching the podcast. First time ever I’ve actually seen an interview with Britney’s brother. Let’s just say he didn’t come off the greatest, especially when it comes to his views on women but hey that’s a separate thing. With regards to Britney, he didn’t really give too much away... was pretty vague in his answers but it’s interesting that he repeats several times that she needed the conservatorship back then (2008) which implies that he thinks now not so much, 12years on!! Also, reading between the lies I think he knows that Britney maybe plans to step away from her career once she’s free as he talks about whether she would be able to cope with living a “normal life” and not having everything done for her which I found to be interesting. I sincerely hope Britney is free and able to live her life and find her voice as a woman as soon as possible. Self-development for somebody in Britney’s position is key and this conservatorship does not allow for it. She’s not a robot, she’s a human being.
  4. I’ll definitely listen to the podcast when it releases out of curiosity however, I do think it’ll be a “safe” interview. I’d MUCH prefer it if Britney did an interview, surely she’s capable of answering some questions and revealing her true feelings, right?
  5. I actually played this song the other day. It’s got a great vibe to it and I like the urban vibe to it. Shane we didn’t get a completed music video.
  6. I actually think it’s one of Britney’s most underrated singles. I feel like it should have been the lead single off “Femme Fatale” and deserved greater commercial success especially on international shores.
  7. I’ve just sent my ratings for Britney Jean!
  8. Great topic. First and foremost Britney is a singer and entertainer but I do love it when she gets more involved with the writing side of things. I’d like to see more of it in the future.
  9. I think apart from “Britney Jean” I would not describe any album post-Blackout as being lacklustre, that’s too harsh. “Circus” is a very good album that features an eclectic mix of sounds and songs. “Femme Fatale” is not my most favourite album but you would have to say it’s a damn good pop record albeit lacking that extra Britney magic. And then “Glory” is a terrific record and up there with “In The Zone” and “Blackout” as far as style, personality and standout songs go - it’s a real mood album and sees Britney experimenting and having fun again. The truth of the matter is that Britney has set the bar so high for herself when it comes to her music that sometimes it’s hard to live up to consistently but she’s done a damn good job for over 20 years now. I don’t see any other pop star delivering so consistently.
  10. I’d genuine love Britney to record a pop/rock album and even with some Blues inspired music. It’d suit her deep and soulful natural vocal.
  11. Janet Jackson is a legendary artist. Nobody can take away her success and impact on popular music HOWEVER, Britney Spears is most definitely the bigger artist globally in terms of popularity and even success.
  12. Yes, exactly. When Trump was elected he said then that he’d be running for office. Yet, he’s not made any of the necessary applications or anything - has apparently missed key deadlines already! I just can’t be asked with the likes of Kanye and the Kardashians!
  13. Okay, can I just say Kanye West isn’t actually going to be running for presidency! It’s all just self-promotion and publicity nonesense.
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