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  1. Just now, Erreur 2 La Nature said:
    1 minute ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

    What looks epic exactly ? Nothing's happening. This is another sh!t to promote Samsung and a pretext to tease Anti.

    We are waiting this fucking album since 2012. Now just release it bitch. She killed the hype for this album by releasing 3 terrible singles and nothing after. 

    The promo's been epic so far. The 25 million dollar deal was worth it at least I'm djnfvhfbefehfe excited as f**k

  2. 3 minutes ago, Sharkney said:

    Thank you love <3

    You're extremely gorgeous. Love your recent pics. You have quite the devious smile and I love it ;)

    You're so sweet thank you so much I send all those words back at you look at YOUR smile :OhmyGAWD:

    also congrats on such an amazing body! :wendycry: