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  1. It’s honestly that beginning of them talking and the audition. Would rather be blinded by B dancing in lingerie. They could’ve combined the vids together
  2. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/glory-deluxe-version/1176203944 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/make-me-feat-g-eazy-the-remixes-ep/1161796655

    other Make Me played on love island

    With the VMA @ 22 million, the audio at @29 million and the video at @60 million that’s... 111 million for Make Me (not bad!) #streammakemeparty ?

    other Make Me played on love island

    That spark that just won’t go out Perfect timing too! She’s gonna be in the UK soon

    Beyonce Sets Sights On A Solo Stadium Tour

    I love bey! (If you read what I said) but it’s not like she’s a new artist who people are gonna forget next day. I think the public will naturally get tired of her, she won’t wow people like she’s done before. Give the GP some time to recover and miss you and then slay. She has more than enough money and has upcoming projects like the lion king soundtrack touring is never going to completely go down so there’s no worry about that. Katy Perry had a successful tour right??
  6. It’s diff section that’s new choreography, they still do the same choreo
  7. I accept currentney and yes she’s past her prime but so is JLO, Janet, Madonna but you can tell that they care about Quality. I’m not here for ppl attacking her personal life but she’s only doing a disservice to herself by not providing the best. That’s not comparing, it’s reality maybe she thinks it looks good. I’ve seen PoM and it’s great and she as great energy and some stuff looks awesome but you can see the boredom and going through the motions in some parts. It just sucks cause she still has that spark i don’t care if she’s all over the charts but I want to see her take artistic risks and be passionate again.
  8. THE REACH she is just inconsistent! No man is out there like “go embarrass yourself!” Stfu about her private life and worry about your own. She was good on some dates before sam and good some dates with sam
  9. I would def say she’s inconsistent af. She only gives af to some of the songs but it’s like then change the show if you’re bored of it ?!
  10. I don’t think it should go to relevant people necessarily. Plus that just screams promo for my new album!! It should go to people who’s work is timeless and inspired future artist. Missy helped make female rappers be pop too- Nicki and Iggy wouldn’t be able to be pop and hip hop if it wasn’t for her. Xtina has memorable videos but I feel like she needs to do a little more. Liberation is amazing but it’s almost like she came out of nowhere from 2012. she should get it but not now. Maybe they can give it to multiple people this year. Xtina and Missy i can see Xtina, Gaga, JLO, Eminem, Joseph Khan, Jonás Åkerlund in the near future

    Beyonce Sets Sights On A Solo Stadium Tour

    Right! I love Bey but sis, sit down. The duo album did good but not crazy good, I think ppl are starting to get sick of her plus isn’t she gonna be part of lion king live action reboot
  12. Britney whispering into sams ear “you want my avocado roll, baby?” this should be the setting of the next video
  13. Honestly she looks uncomfortable and the moves themselves aren’t good. Like when the dancers look weird doing it..... that’s a sign