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  1. "Ya'll: A Memoir by Britney Spears" "It's Very Cool..." Say's Britney Spears
  2. Dang, POM sucks, but you've prolly tired yourself of it, by over watching, and over thinking these vids. Sure the Choreo sucks, and the remixes, and costumes are not flattering, but she's active. I know she only truly brings it for Televised situations, but after the first run, I stopped checking for POM. I only care about Work Bitch, cause that Choreo is the only "Britney" thing in this whole show (to me personally). Someone pointed out, people want the Britney experience, some have never seen her live. I know the tea, and I've never seen her live, since 1999. I won't waste my coins, I saw Diana Ross, and that was a perfect $200 spent. Britney is privileged, and is being lazy, I won't support it. I WILL support, a new album tho, with a proper photo shoot, and given she sings her own sh!t again.