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  1. Messy Queens, how appalling! Nothing you, or anyone has said has been beneficial nor of any real substance. Just typical Bickering. Have fuuuuuuun! (Onyx Hotel Reference)
  2. I really don’t give a **** boo boo, you are the company you keep! Bye now
  3. Get over yourself, you sound like a child. The lot of you! Lol clearly you have problems...with me. You’ve been determined to come for me. Look inside yourself, may I suggest some mindfulness training, reading, meditation?
  4. Also, I ain’t gotta do ****, but be black and die. Black folks have literally built this country! From the Monuments, to the Buildings, and clearly the paved roads that leads to your false sense of privilege Im done entertaining. This ain’t even my party!
  5. I’m not bothered. It’s so engrained in his animalistic, clouded brain. He was waiting to use that card.
  6. Such a classic, I can say someone finally told me to go back to Africa lol.
  7. In that case, go back to the Caves before you learned how stop walking on all fours, or Europe before the BLACK moors introduced “Soap and Water”, and how to actually utilize it. They say Europe still has the Stank...
  8. Does That make you feel good? Lol I hope so. Take what you can and run with it, just like your ppl always have done boo! xoxo
  9. Exactly, I been on this site for years. Chile the White Queens just always get their way huh? But I’m done. Britney ain’t doing ****, so it’s best to leave this Toxic Pro-Whatever environment, and YES that was a Britney Reference! I even mentioned her name!
  10. I’m really hoping you see through your Toxic (NOT a Britney Reference) Users. That was not a reference to Her at all, hell I just learned about that.Not everything is regarding Or Referencing POP culture. This is real life stuff that some users just can’t grasp. this user desperately pulled a “Karen” and is reporting me to the manager. It’s very sad. I hope you all can see right through them as I have. They aren’t even worth the reply. We also need a block button for users who are willingly “extra”.
  11. Not even the same context, you’re so pressed to prove me wrong. Lol it affects the world over, as far as social norms, culture, and prejudices, etc. Go take a break...or a jump in the lake.
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