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  1. poor igloo. however true.. i want her to have a legit collab with a powerful black female rapper. megg would be hot.
  2. poor nicki honestly s*hity songs top the charts and for someone as her not to have a BBH100 hit solo is really sad. idc what's your views about nicki. she done a lot.
  3. this is heart breaking, she gets no empathy or sympathy. i really like her music. she's unique and has a nice flow. she clearly has a bi-polar disorder.. people feel sorry for Kanye, but $h*t on her. . Stay Safe Azealia!
  4. idk why but it's so funny when she go opposite directions back and forth lmao
  5. exactlyyy! i chose to stop caring about the virus and news, yet still protect myself, wash, wear a mask, not portray an image that it's not something to be scared off. and sharing it with big audience. i really got pissed when she said "iTs jUsT a fLu" wbk duh but this is deadlier and spreads way stronger.
  6. Wi-fi doesn't work? uhh... there's something called Facetime, also data coverage from carriers... she could ALSO use sam's phone or his hotspot connection, i call buffoonery
  7. omg yesss!! me too, just started season 2 and it's starting GOOOOOOD. scorpia, catraa and entrabta are a team now LOL
  8. which is why we're trying to help, because silence isn't the ANSWER because keeping silence is what feeding the devils! this is not the Britney we're used to i'm her fan since 2002 i was 7 ffs, she's hurt, lonely, under a lot of s*it and she feel that her sis is actually sick? the one that actually made the family relevant, is that how you thank her? EVEN IF SHE WAS, this is not how a human should be treated... Jamie, plz..
  9. She-RA! i love this show ahhhhhh, it's giving me everything i need.
  10. oh please yes, worst emotional year of my life ever..
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