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  1. Loool. I've never seen that 2018 version? Tbh, we all have bad days, when I saw her in London she was really good! But I personally stop liking the dance break when it gets to the "legs" part, it looks like a flying chicken or something, not really flattering.
  2. Pixel 4, thinking of getting a Pixel 5 when it comes out or maybe switching back to Samsung, do ya'll have any other smartphone suggestions? Something with better specs obvi.
  3. She's probably nervous? Some of you forget she suffers from bad anxiety/shyness. I and a lot of people included do the same thing.
  4. Excited and hopeful for Britney. Things are finally starting to look up and I hope this is just the beginning, may the whole world know how evil her team/father is. Have a blessed day ya'll
  5. Didn't he go off the rails and go on a tantrum how the government is 'stalking' him? He doesn't really seem like a reliable source. He's worked with her multiple times, but only to do her makeup and keep it professional. Idk.
  6. Let's be honest, 99% of those people who complained about it were not even asian, Japanese. It's always butt-hurt white people who wanna be offended for the sake of it. Infact a lot of asian people are flattered and happy when you wanna learn about their culture and stuff. Anyways...
  7. It didn't receive the greatest reviews from British gay fans.
  8. Thing is, why is she still posting? Why does she do the IG stories? She must have some idea what her team is trying to do.
  9. She is literally any of us, posting something then feeling really embarrassed about it and deleting it. Don't act like you've never done it. xo Or did you forget she's just a normal person?
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